Mission & Value
You rely on your systems. Let your systems rely on us.


Mission Statement

At Ataway, we are guided every day by our mission statement: “Support our customers and people to excel by any means.” Our mission statement is our way of life. It means we are delivering operational excellence in every corner of our business, meeting or exceeding our commitments to the many constituencies we serve.

Core Values

Our strategies are molded by a set of core values that are shared by each and every employee:

1. Taking care of our people

Inspire and build the self-confidence and success of every team member. We believe that people are the core of the business. With a happy and motivated team, you can take excellent care of your customers. We focus on team playing, collaboration and teamwork, and give everyone the opportunity to contribute, make decisions and make a difference. We facilitate an open and honest approach to business. Our organization and team members aspire to be more tomorrow than we are today.

2. Excellent customer service

Understand and meet client expectations 100% of the time. Every investment and decision we make has our customers at the forefront. We ensure customer satisfaction by adding value and honoring commitments at all times. We are dedicated and focused on putting the needs and issues of our customers first. Ataway is dedicated to building a lasting transparent relationship with the clients we serve.

Our customer-centric philosophy is further strengthened by a robust Key Account Management process to support our customers in their growth.

3. Innovation

We aim for innovation in all aspects of our business to provide better quality and services to our constituencies. We encourage an entrepreneurial attitude. We nurture a learning environment and innovative thinking.

4. Global

Think globally, act locally. We are a globally integrated consulting company.

5. Expertise

At Ataway, we believe that our success derives from a deep understanding of our clients. We are committed to delivering exceptional services and value, leveraging our individual and collective knowledge to support our customers.

Ataway’s teams have a thorough understanding of the systems involved in your organizations (PeopleSoft, Campus SolutionsOracle E-Business, etc.). They have extensive experience in implementing these systems for organizations similar to yours that face similar challenges in terms of functionalities, business processes or locations where you operate. They know how to minimize customizations and choose the right set up that will decrease your maintenance and operation costs.

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