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You are at the Center of Our Business.


You are at the center of our business.

As a service provider, we always put our customers’ success as our number one priority. We partner with our customers and are focused on our expertise, ERP and back office operations (Finance, HR, CRM, Supply Chain, Procurement, Campus Solutions and Payroll) to provide you the best and help you achieve your objectives.

Not only we do know the Oracle ERP family (PeopleSoft, Campus Solutions, E-Business, Oracle Cloud, Taleo), but we can also help with our experts in BPM, SOA, or monitor your Local Statutory Requirements. We can also help you change your processes to operate within our Shared Center services in the US, Brazil, China and France… and we can do it in English, Portuguese, Mandarin and French.

Do you need a functional and/or technical support team for your ERP? We will build a team and dedicate people to your support needs for the long run. We know that the better you get know our people, the more comfortable the implementation will be for you. 

We will build the right solution for your challenges and commit to your success.

We operate in a transparent way

Managing complex projects is all about assessing your risk, knowing how to make the best decisions and delivering successfully. We partner with our customers, bringing to the table our expertise, experience, infrastructure and, most importantly, our ability to work as a team. We will follow your lead but also give you full access to works-in-progress, status of the deliverables, project documentation and internal project KPIs. Thanks to our wide set of project management tools, you will have real-time updates on the status of each deliverable as well as access to all working documents. We will develop custom reports so that you have all the time and information you need to make the right decisions as a team.

Our people, your success

Our people are our most important asset. Ataway recruits consultants in all of its 17 offices who share our customer-oriented approach of consulting, providing the right environment to ensure a long-lasting relationship. They are training not only to be the best in their area of expertise, but also to know how to be part of your team. Regardless of which global office they belong to, they are used to working with each other, and share the same training, ethics and objectives. 

We’re everywhere you need to be.

Ataway’s network of offices in Asia, Europe, North and South America brings you the Ataway skillset where you need it to be, which reduces travel and complexity. We also bring local knowledge and language skills to your projects. If we are not where you need us to be, we can quickly come up with a plan to send the right people along when necessary. Another part of our expansion strategy is to follow our clients wherever they need us. We select our new offices based on where our customers need us to be. 

Offshore done differently

Deploying offshore projects can bring another disadvantage due to an additional complexity: the problem of communication and quality issues.

We can fix that. Ataway currently has three offshore centers in Shanghai, Mexico and in Buenos Aires, with a third planned to open in Europe next year. We set up these centers in 2006 after years of experience working with offshore teams. We made sure to address all the issues we experienced in the past by providing offshore services in a different way. Some key aspects of our approach:

  • All our offshore teams are made of both functional and technical consultants
  • We use a strong set of tools and methodologies to track each individual deliverable
  • Our clients have real-time access to working documents and the status of all deliverables (updated twice daily)
  • We integrate functional unit testing in our quality control
  • We have a 6 sigma-based quality control approach

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