SaaS and Cloud Hosting
Eliminate unnecessary infrastructure
and maintenance costs.


Reduce your application environment costs, infrastructure and licenses acquisition impact while at the same time continuing optimization and innovation. In collaboration with Ataway, you will work with a team focused on making your IT applications more reliable and more cost-effective.

Ataway’s Application Outsourcing will help you to break the paradigm of high infrastructure investment, maintenance and on-premise application license acquisition by designing a package that will combine all the services you need to support your application in a Software as a Service (SaaS) model. Ataway is partnering with major cloud providers such as Amazon to provide secure, reliable and integrated solutions. Ataway will complement the basic hosting solution and Application Licenses in a SaaS model with a wide range of Ataway Services to complete your real Saas Package. This package includes:

  • • Application installation
  • • Application environment Creation, Maintenance and Refresh automation
  • • ERP Implementation Services
  • • Application Level I and Level II support
  • • Process outsourcing

Consult Ataway today and see how we can give you a SaaS and Cloud Hosting solution!

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