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As a service provider, most of what we do is all about the project. As a result, project management was one of the first solutions we developed and is central and common to almost all of our other solutions.

With experience in hundreds of projects, Ataway's teams developed a standard project methodology called SurePath that helps our consultants organize and simplify complex projects and reduce significantly overrun costs, quality issues or delays.

SurePath project steps are used by all projects that Ataway performs for clients simply because the basics of all these projects stay the same:

  • • Systems, ERP and Enterprise Applications: Whatever the name, they refer to the same thing, which is an IT system that contains the majority your business rules/ processes and your transaction data. This will be the information backbone of your back office operation.
  • • Processes and SOPs: These are the blueprint for how you conduct business. They are the step-by-step checklists that your team will follow to perform their tasks.
  • • Your Teams: They are the people who will put everything together, transforming raw transaction data into business or local statutory reporting.

SurePath is built on these three fundamentals. The SurePath standard project plan template is common to all our projects and is used by all our practitioners. To define this template, Ataway consultants deconstruct all their project experience and define the common steps. This results in a very intuitive approach and is easy for all project team members to understand.

Our project template has the following steps:

  • • Scope and Deliverables definition
  • • As is Analysis
  • • To be Analysis
  • • Fit Gap Analysis
  • • Etc.

Another strong aspect of SurePath is its associated tools set. The coordination of activities, communication within teams and ability to control project KPIs is essential to the success of a project and its ability to meet your expectations and the expectations of your organization.

These days, projects commonly integrate multiple teams often working from different locations and time zones. SurePath works to provide workshops and fit-gap analysis done on-site with a local functional team, technical specifications and developments done in other locations, project environments managed in other places by another team, etc.

Ataway’s SurePath project management platform organizes activities by deliverables and enables all teams to work on the same documents, giving each team member a full understanding of the status of each deliverables and, as a result, an understanding of the entire project. The SurePath project management platform integrates in the same seamless environment collaboration tools, an issue tracking tool, a workflow engine and a document repository.

Our SurePath project management platform is also the way to give you control over your project. You can check the status of each deliverable or group of deliverables in real-time. You can assess your risk for every single milestone of the project. You will also have full access to the Work In Progress documents. The SurePath project management platform is our guarantee of transparency and your engagement tool.  

Our SurePath methodology is a way to structure our project and give you control. We are extremely flexible and our team can follow any project management methodology or toolset that you are currently using.

Consult Ataway today and see how we can help you with your Project Management challenges!

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