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Development work associated with customization, reporting, integration with other systems and data conversion is often inevitable.

Before having any offshore team of its own, Ataway has worked extensively in projects with third-party offshore teams. We know the dilemma of choosing the offshore route to control cost. We, like you, have faced the additional complexity of distant communication, cultural differences, methodology gaps, etc.

In addition to our expert on-site technical consultants, Ataway currently has functional/technical teams at two service centers in Shanghai and Buenos Aires. When setting up these service centers and their associated operating procedures, Ataway teams have made sure that the challenges of working with offshore components were addressed. Our Development Solution fully integrates these lessons learned.

Ataway’s SurePath project management platform organizes activities by deliverables and enables all teams to work on the same documents, giving each team member a full understanding of the status of each deliverables and, as a result, an understanding of the entire project. The SurePath project management platform integrates in the same seamless environment a collaboration tool, issue tracking tool, workflow engine and document repository.

Each phase of development is broken down into four standard deliverables: the Functional Detailed Specification (FDD), Technical Detailed Specification (TDD), the actual Development and Unit Test.

Our SurePath project management platform gives you the ability to track each development at the deliverable level, giving you control over your project. You can check the status of each deliverable or group of deliverables in real-time. You can assess your risk for every single milestone of the project. You can also have full access to the Work In Progress document. The SurePath project management platform is our guarantee of transparency and your engagement tool. SurePath also helps clearly assign project roles and their associated tasks. FDDs are usually under the responsibility of on the on-site functional teams, while TDDs are more on the offshore side.

Another lesson we've learned involves the efficiency of the offshore teams. Traditionally, offshore teams were solely composed of technical consultants. Ataway's teams mix functional and technical consultants to improve efficiency by reducing the number of quality issues.

Our SurePath methodology is a prime example of our understanding of the challenges faced when integrating an Offshore component to a project. Our teams are flexible in the way you want them to work. We can integrate any methodology, template or development methodology in the process. We will work seamlessly with your team by following the same rules and taking extra steps to make offshore work right.

The SurePath methodology and toolset

Ataway combines experience in designing custom applications with business process expertise to create a clear assessment of business requirements, technical and functional IT architecture and integration with external systems. Our offshore teams have both functional and technical team members, enabling us to uncover potential issues so that they can be addressed in a timely manner. The resulting custom-built application will roll-out smoothly and meet clients' requirements.

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Case studies

ERP Solutions for Japanese vehicle manufacturer
January 16, 2013

The client is one the leading commercial vehicle manufacturers in Asia and the Middle East, with business in over 100 countries worldwide. In 2007, the company sold over 150,000 vehicles.

Live Support coverage for Television powerhouse
January 9, 2013

The client is a major player in the international Media & Entertainment business, developing, producing and distributing 350+ wholly- and majority-owned pay-TV channels.

Issue Support Management for a Fortune 500 energy client
October 11, 2012

The client, a Fortune 500 company traded on the New York Stock Exchange, is one of the largest electric power companies in the United States.

Ataway Global Newsletter

Get valuable insights on the latest best practices involving ERP, process management, and local regulations worldwide, delivered right to your inbox!