Making your systems and processes compliant
wherever you work.


Ataway is focused on helping organizations address and support regulatory requirements pertinent to their business activities and strategic objectives in an effective and cost-efficient manner. We provide a wide range of services to organizations monitoring new changes in regulatory and compliance globally, assisting clients in addressing identified compliance issues.

With consultants in almost every major region of the world, Ataway offers solid experience and familiarity to support local regulations and compliance requirements. Ataway's expert consultants work with you to find solutions for current regulatory challenges, keeping businesses in the loop with on-the-ground, real-time information and consulting.

Ataway can assist you in:

  • • Defining a core global core system compliant with your home GAAP (US GAAP, German GAAP, China GAAP, Brazil GAAP, etc.)
  • • Designing your system and reports in compliance with FAS52 for international companies
  • • Implementing IFRS in your processes and systems
  • • Correctly implementing international withholding (1099, DAS2, DAS2 automation, etc.) and taxes (Sales Tax, VAT/GST, TDS, Consumption Tax) in your system
  • • Auditing, including with SOX regulations
  • • Supporting new European compliance requirements related to SEPA
  • • System and process compliance to complex local tax environments(“Nota Fiscal” in Brazil, Indian Taxes, European Union Intrastat, etc.)
  • • Monitoring of the changes in the local Payroll rules and associated updates in your system
  • • Interfacing to local tax systems (Golden Tax for China, Mastersaf for Brazil, GUI for Taiwan, etc.)

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