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With business conditions constantly changing, an integrated but configuration-flexible Supply Chain Management (SCM) system for your supply chain operation is vital. An effective SCM system for your procurement, inventory and distribution operations can provide a roadmap for driving down costs and creating additional value. A practice of SCM system implementation should not only be system-enabling, but also be able to identify pain points and areas for improvement, address current demand and provide the ability to enhance business processes.

Ataway Consulting provides a complete solution that combines best practices and technology to implement your SCM Systems. Based on more than 15 years of combined experience, Ataway consultants bring expertise from both the industry and operational side to help you implement a SCM solution that meets your operation requirements while also improving related business processes and integrations.

Among Ataway’s areas of expertise in SCM System Consulting Services:

  • • SCM System Analysis and Selection
  • • SCM business process reengineering with industry-best practice input
  • • Design & implementation of your business processes into SCM Systems
  • • Consulting services on Supply Chain & Distribution Strategic Master Planning
  • • Consulting services on Supply Chain Network & Inventory Optimization
  • • Enhanced solutions for SCM system integration with finance systems, manufacturing systems, EDI interface with distributors, etc.
  • • SCM solutions for SCM shared service center operation models
  • • Reporting enhancements
  • • Our consulting services throughout the entire spectrum of an organization’s Supplier Chain Management lifecycle

With Ataway’s unique project methodology and tools, we can ensure the effective execution of project steps and milestone achievement for your SCM system projects. They are a set of tools and documents that help us quickly start any project, bringing onboard more than 15 years of process expertise and tested best practices.

Contact Ataway today and see how we can help you with your Supply Chain Management challenges!

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Oracle Value Chain Planning

Oracle VCP is a complete planning solution built on a common foundations that leverages pre-built integration with both Oracle and non-Oracle systems. Oracle's VCP solution can be deployed in a modular approach, enabling your company to solve its most important problems first to save time and cost. This will allow your organization to extend its product footprint.

Highlighted Benefits

• Real-time demand sensing and shaping for revenue growth
• Profitable alignment of supply and demand to achieve corporate goals
• Improved agility and responsiveness to supply chain events

Advanced Planning Command Center

Oracle Advanced Planning Command Center provides businesses with a comprehensive solution delivering analysis of operational, tactical, and strategic supply chain plans, scenario modeling and management and automated process execution capabilities. It offers critical supply chain performance metrics, real-time access to the data and systemic processes for simulating alternative business scenarios so that your business can make better supply chain decisions. The Advanced Planning Command Center offers unique benefits, including prebuilt dashboards, reports, performance indicators, facts, hierarchies, alerts and context-sensitive drill downs provide supply chain decision support tools.

Advanced Supply Chain Planning

With Oracle Advanced Supply Chain Planning, you can perform simultaneous material and capacity planning across multiple distribution and manufacturing facilities and time horizons in a single planning run, while at the same time accounting for the latest forecast, sales orders, production status, purchase orders and inventory recommendations. You can choose to start immediately with more advanced planning leveraging the out-of-the-box optimizations, or you can decide to have less constrained planning. With today's rapidly changing business conditions, you need a planning tool surpassing the traditional latency of disconnected processes and Excel spreadsheets, and Advanced Supply Chain Planning is the solution.

Collaborative Planning

Collaborate securely with trading partners, reduce planning cycle times and identify and react quickly to supply chain exceptions. With Oracle’s Collaborative Planning tool, you can get early visibility you’re your supply commit changes and enable multi-enterprise planning. Your suppliers will be aware of your order forecast changes, enabling you to quickly streamline cross-enterprise planning and operations. Oracle Collaborative Planning will increase forecast accuracy, implement vendor managed and consigned inventory processes, increase global supply visibility, reduce supply shortages and lower expediting costs.

Demand Management

With automated analytics ensuring that your plans are based on the most accurate, forward forecasts, Oracle Demand Management helps you maximize profitability with superior capabilities to better sense, shape, and respond to demand. Demand Management allows for demand-driven organizations to see higher service levels and sales, more satisfied customers and lowered inventory and distribution costs.

Demand Signal Repository

Demand-Driven organizations require accurate retail execution and a more streamlined IT Environment. Oracle Demand Signal Repository leverages external demand data to lower out-of-stock items and improve the execution of promotions and new product introductions. Demand Signal Repository offers integration with the Oracle Demantra solution, enabling your enterprise to quickly leverage Demantra's premier functionalities for demand sensing and shaping. Combined, the Demand Signal Repository and Demantra solution leverages a wide variety of external data for increased accuracy in predicting product demand. It can also shape demand while enhancing sales and operations planning (S&OP) to meet operating constraints and budgets at optimized profits.

Global Order Promising

With order promising capabilities including robust support for distributed global order promising and multi-level supply-chain Available to Promise (ATP), Capable to Promise (CTP), and Capable to Deliver (CTD) Fast, Oracle Global Order Promising allows you to make quick and accurate delivery promises your customers can rely on. Global Order Promising consolidates supply and demand information from multiple transaction systems to provide an optimized global map of demand and supply. It is accessible from multiple order entry systems or capture systems (such as web stores and call centers).

Inventory Optimization

Increased competition and outsourcing, short product life cycles and demand uncertainty can make it challenging for your organization to manage its inventory policies and decide where and how much to stock. By taking into account supply, demand and variability of your entire supply chain, Oracle Inventory Optimization enables you to balance revenue, cost, customer service levels, and inventory budgets while determining your inventory strategy.

Predictive Trade Planning and Optimization

Oracle Predictive Trade Planning and Optimization provides organizations with robust trade promotion and account planning, sales forecasting, and promotion optimization capabilities. Predictive Trade Planning and Optimization is built on an analytics platform addressing transactional and strategic trade challenges, such as promotion effectiveness, on-shelf availability, baseline forecasting, and incremental lift calculations, and customer profitability.

Production Scheduling

Designed by schedulers for schedulers, Oracle Production Scheduling allows you to control production scheduling, maximize shop floor and optimize resource investments. With this tool, you can improve the usage of critical resources, calculate feasible schedules and easily determine the best one to meet your objectives. In addition, you can leverage the out-of-the-box integration with the Oracle E-Business Suite (discrete, process, and lot-based manufacturing) to implement and earn immediate return on investment.

Rapid Planning

With today's rapidly-changing supply chains creating unexpected product quality issues, supplier yield busts or a sudden product line breakdown, your business requires planning tools that allow you to quickly react. Oracle Rapid Planning delivers a fast planning engine combined with easy mass editing of data and a powerful user experience to instantly assess change impact without having to wait for daily planning runs or your ERP to catch up. Rapid Planning’s embedded analytics, exception management and a spreadsheet-style user interface provide predictive and actionable insight to identify the most optimized decisions, which will be translated into action with seamless integration to execution. Rapid Planning can be deployed with existing planning and ERP environments.

Real-Time Sales and Operations Planning

Oracle Real-time Sales and Operations Planning extends demand-driven adaptive planning across your organization. This tool allows you to implement a comprehensive sales and operations planning process, balancing supply and demand around a one-number forecast to drive operational excellence and achieve profitability.

Service Parts Planning

Manage complex after sales service supply chains, improve part availability and increase customer satisfaction. With Service Parts Planning, part of Oracle's Service Management Solution, you can transform your after sales service and support operations from a cost center to a key profit center, which will serve as a source of strategic advantage for your business. Oracle Service Parts Planning uses a single Service Planner Workbench which simultaneously analyze forecast and replenishment decisions and release execution plans, enabling you to effectively manage the challenges of a service supply chain. The application also provides the proper statistics required to improve forecast accuracy and calculate optimal inventory (replenishments and redistribution) for all service parts.

Strategic Network Optimization

Oracle Strategic Network Optimization lets you design your entire supply network with agility in mind.   With today's rapidly changing global economics requiring your business to be more responsive, Strategic Network Optimization allows you to reduce supply chain costs, improve profits, effectively manage supply chain risk, simulate changing business conditions and implement quickly by leveraging out-of-the-box integration. Strategic Network Optimization is fully integrated with the Oracle E-Business Suite, enabling you to quickly leverage any existing setup.

Value Chain Planning In-Memory Applications

With extreme speed, scalability and advanced visualization, Oracle Value Chain Planning In-Memory Applications provide quality performance to allow customers enterprise-wide planning of larger data volumes, reduced planning cycle times and stockouts lower supply chain costs and the ability to make better decisions. Value Chain Planning In-Memory Applications are optimized from the ground up to take full advantage of Oracle Products.

Value Chain Planning for JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Customers

Oracle Value Chain Integration Pack for Oracle’s JD Edwards EnterpriseOne, which leverages Oracle’s Application Integration Architecture, performs process automation for enterprises managing global supply chain operations. This prebuilt integration combines the quick deployment capabilities of Oracle Value Chain Planning (VCP) with Oracle’s JD Edwards EnterpriseOne. It can also easily be extended to meet your organization’s unique needs.

For more information on the Oracle Value Chain Planning (VCP) Suite, please visit:

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