Supply Chain Management
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With business conditions constantly changing, an integrated but configuration-flexible Supply Chain Management (SCM) system for your supply chain operation is vital. An effective SCM system for your procurement, inventory and distribution operations can provide a roadmap for driving down costs and creating additional value. A practice of SCM system implementation should not only be system-enabling, but also be able to identify pain points and areas for improvement, address current demand and provide the ability to enhance business processes.

Ataway Consulting provides a complete solution that combines best practices and technology to implement your SCM Systems. Based on more than 15 years of combined experience, Ataway consultants bring expertise from both the industry and operational side to help you implement a SCM solution that meets your operation requirements while also improving related business processes and integrations.

Among Ataway’s areas of expertise in SCM System Consulting Services:

  • • SCM System Analysis and Selection
  • • SCM business process reengineering with industry-best practice input
  • • Design & implementation of your business processes into SCM Systems
  • • Consulting services on Supply Chain & Distribution Strategic Master Planning
  • • Consulting services on Supply Chain Network & Inventory Optimization
  • • Enhanced solutions for SCM system integration with finance systems, manufacturing systems, EDI interface with distributors, etc.
  • • SCM solutions for SCM shared service center operation models
  • • Reporting enhancements
  • • Our consulting services throughout the entire spectrum of an organization’s Supplier Chain Management lifecycle

With Ataway’s unique project methodology and tools, we can ensure the effective execution of project steps and milestone achievement for your SCM system projects. They are a set of tools and documents that help us quickly start any project, bringing onboard more than 15 years of process expertise and tested best practices.

Contact Ataway today and see how we can help you with your Supply Chain Management challenges!

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Oracle Value Chain Execution

The Oracle VCE suite is a complete set of SCM execution applications that work together to provide a broad array of logistics capabilities. It provides users an unparalleled flexibility in how they purchase, design, implement and manage Supply Chain Management solutions.  

Highlighted Benefits

• Lower transportation costs
• Maximized labor productivity
• Improved global trade velocity and compliance
• Increased customer service levels
• Enhanced overall supply chain efficiency

Products Distributed Order Orchestration

Oracle Fusion Distributed Order Orchestration is a standalone application designed to improve order orchestration across diverse order capture and fulfillment environments. This Fusion-based application collects and aggregates orders, stores them in a standard format and offers a more accurate global view of supply across the extended value chain. With centrally-managed orchestration policies, global availability and fulfillment monitoring, your business can efficiently manage orders, increase customer satisfaction and profitability.

Landed Cost Management

Give your organization greater financial visibility with Oracle Landed Cost Management (LCM). This application accurately incorporates extended supply chain costs, including transportation and handling fees, insurance, duties, and taxes into your overall financial process. Oracle LCM initially estimates these costs and later updates them with actual amounts as they become known, allocating them to shipments, orders, and products. This accurate and updated information will allow your company to maximize product profitability, better analyze outstanding liabilities, enhance competitiveness and ensure trade compliance with regulatory mandates.

Oracle In-Memory Logistics Command Center

Oracle In-Memory Logistics Command Center (LCC) is an innovative application optimizing the performance of your organization’s logistics operations. Designed to leverage the capabilities of Oracle’s Engineered Systems, the In-Memory Logistics Command Center allows you to perform rapid simulations of your logistics network using real-world operational data, rules and constraints. This unique scenario management tool enables businesses to increase supply chain resiliency and agility, decrease costs and improve service levels.  

Inventory Management

Improve inventory visibility, reduce inventory levels and control multi-mode inventory operations. Oracle Inventory Management keeps all of your material in each line of business and will stage the lifecycle into a single tracking system, increasing transparency. This will reduce complexity by reducing the need for safety stock, allowing your business to proactively respond to shortages, quality issues and backorders. Inventory Management integrates with other Oracle SCM applications, including Warehouse Management, Mobile Supply Chain Applications, Order Management, Purchasing, Discrete Manufacturing, Process Manufacturing and Cost Management.

Global Trade Management

Oracle Global Trade Management (GTM) is an automation platform enabling companies to optimize and streamline business processes related to cross-border trade. With well-structured, centralized compliance policies and trade automation tools, GTM allows your business to achieve best practices in global trade. The centralization of legal, regulatory and compliance-related data offers visibility and control over the end-to-end trade processes.

Mobile Supply Chain

Looking to improve operational productivity and reduce costs through process automation? Oracle Mobile Supply Chain applications allow your business to perform common warehouse and shop floor transactions through handheld radio frequency devices, personal digital assistants and truck-mounted radio frequency scanners. Transactions can be carried out on any of these wireless devices, offering real time transaction processing, improved data accuracy and increased mobility and convenience. Mobile Supply Chain is part of the Oracle E-Business Suite, an integrated set of business applications delivering complete process automation and information.

Transportation Management

Is your business looking to lower transportation costs, improve customer service and asset utilization and provide flexible global fulfillment options? Oracle Transportation Management delivers robust transportation planning and execution capabilities to shippers and third party logistics providers. This management platform -- which integrates with Oracle solutions, including E-Business Suite, Order Management, In-Memory Logistics Command Center and Warehouse Management -- streamlines planning, execution, payment and business process automation on a single application across all modes of transportation (i.e. truck, air, ocean, and rail shipments).

Warehouse Management

Oracle Warehouse Management Solutions (WMS) delivers flexibility, optimized processes, seamless hand-offs with key value chain processes and integration of advanced warehouse technologies—all at the lowest total cost of ownership. With the new game-changing distributed deployment capability, WMS can be deployed to power global operations independent of other enterprise systems—or tightly integrated with E-Business Suite. Oracle has invested heavily in researching and developing the WMS solution, offering hundreds of new advanced features for unprecedented warehouse management options, including exception implementation flexibility, greater availability of critical systems and much more.

For more information on the Oracle Value Chain Execution (VCE) Suite, please visit:

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