Run your business profitably and proactively.


As the foundation and core of any business’s Human Resource management, payroll systems are essential in providing accurate and timely information to all levels your organization, enabling you to run your business profitably and proactively.

Ataway Consulting provides a complete solution that combines best practices and technology to implement your Payroll Systems. With more than 15 years of combined experience, Ataway consultants bring expertise from both the industry and operational sides to help you implement a business-connected payroll solution that meets your organization’s requirements, while at the same time addressing the unique statutory requirements and tax laws of local geographies and global policies.

Over the last 15 years, the Ataway consulting team has completed numerous successful payroll projects regionally and globally for many of the world’s leading corporations.

Among the areas of expertise in Ataway’s domain of Payroll System Consulting Services:

  • • Payroll System Analysis and Selection
  • • C&B and Payroll business process analysis and reengineering
  • • Design & implementation of your payroll business process into Payroll Systems
  • • Customization or upgrade your current systems
  • • Payroll localization to specific countries
  • • Regional/Global Payroll shared service center consulting services (Process Flows, Service Description, Roles & Responsibilities, SOPs, SLA, Training, etc.)
  • • Payroll reporting enhancement
  • • Competency and Role development
  • • Payroll operation functional/technical support, system maintenance
  • • Payroll operation BPO

Ataway has also developed a unique system of consulting project methodology and tools to ensure the effective execution of project steps and milestone achievement. They are a set of tools and documents that help us quickly start any project, bringing onboard more than 15 years of process expertise and tested best practices.

Contact Ataway today and see how we can help you with your Payroll challenges!

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