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Flying Growth and Innovation.

Deregulation, globalization and military transformation create a new set of industry challenges for the aerospace and defense industry. Ataway enables aerospace and defense companies to improve performance through our industrialized global delivery capabilities. It provides clients with the right people, skills and industry expertise with greater reliability, quality and productivity.

Ataway’s team of experts will help your organization with the conversion of capital investment, operating expenses and optimization of engineering sourcing. We use our industry blueprints to help Aerospace and Defense companies succeed by supporting availability and performance-based contracts. Our experts will work with you to establish high performance in manufacturing, procurement, partner management, product data management, maintenance repair and overhaul (MRO), inventory optimization and analytics. Ataway can help identify and extract the value from an M&A and accelerate the time to value.

Our consultants know the playing field. Their expertise in ASD has helped enterprises stay competitive in an industry that has seen increased operational urgency despite budgetary cutbacks. With local teams spanning the globe, we have people on the ground wherever you need to be. Their familiarity with the advantages and constraints of local environments shape the custom-made strategy designed for you.

Ataway has developed blueprints solutions for the aerospace industry that help your business cope with sudden changes in a volatile economic environment. We build our offers on our experienced industry professionals who have worked on cutting edge technologies in the aviation sector.

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