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Staying competitive and evolving at the speed of the constantly transforming high-tech market has always been one of the biggest challenges facing companies in the software industry. The rapidity with which the landscape changes and niches opening up means that even the most established members of the software development community can face threats from competitors of any size. Established software companies face increasing competition from highly specialized start-ups and competitors who have taken advantage of the abundance of qualified specialists, particularly in global markets such as Asia. In order to stay agile and focus resources on strategic targets, software industry executives need to know that their people, processes and systems are operating at their maximum potential.

Ataway takes internal business functions out of the equation and frees up vital company resources so that they can be more devoted to tackling strategic challenges. With offices in every major region of the world, Ataway has a truly global perspective on the software and high technology industries. Ataway’s consultants are highly aware of the challenges facing industry players and are able to capitalize on global resources and industry know-how in order to bring clients to a position of competitive advantage.

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Case studies

Core data
October 10, 2012

This project was the first global ODI implementation for a client in the communications industry in South America.

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