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Facilitate the Creation of Digital Highways.

Our consultants understand the complexities facing Telecom, Media and Entertainment organizations, including fragmented systems, multi-vendor environments, multiple service and network layers and regulatory obligations.

Our experts will share best practices and our industry blueprints to optimize your business processes. They help you take advantage of new customer relationship opportunities in the digital world and support a more streamlined billing process to improve cashflows. Ataway optimizes your company’s process and systems tied to rights and royalties management and business process outsourcing.

Ataway helps Media and Entertainment companies adapt to today’s business challenges and tomorrow’s opportunities. We provide media and entertainment executives the agility they need to stay competitive in the industry. In guaranteeing that a company’s people, processes, and systems are operating at their maximum potential, Ataway affords executives the opportunity to devote valuable resources toward strategic planning.

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Case studies

Live Support coverage for Television powerhouse
January 9, 2013

The client is a major player in the international Media & Entertainment business, developing, producing and distributing 350+ wholly- and majority-owned pay-TV channels.

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