Financial Services
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Following the global financial crisis, financial institutions began facing increased oversight and scrutiny. Regulatory norms have tightened across global markets, increasing the compliance burden of banks.

Ataway works with banks and financial institutions across the globe to help during these transformational changes by utilizing their people, products and processes. We provide solutions to our customers across the Banking and Financial Services industry with our industry blueprints, allowing them to streamline their processes and focus on the execution of their core business.

Ataway’s industry blueprints will help your organization improve your operations technology, customer relationships and risk management in order to gain competitive advantage and achieve high performance in a rapidly changing industry.

Our Experts will help you support the ever-evolving regulatory and compliance environment, with extensive hands-on experience and expert knowledge in complex regulatory mandates such as IFRS, SOX, Bale III and Solvency II. With our offices in strategic locations across the globe, we guarantee support wherever you’ll need it.

Ataway frees up vital resources through effective and expedient process and system development, offering financial institutions the ability to focus on their primary business functions.

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