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Ataway’s team of experts know that Asset-intensive companies need to build and operate plants and assets in a reliable, safe and cost-effective manner. We help optimize your complex capital projects and manage lifecycle assests. The development of new technologies such as smart metering, smart grids and smart homes can lead to operational efficiencies and a renewed supplier-customer relationship. Ataway consultants will help optimize your processes and manage mergers and acquisitions.

Our domain of expertise can help lower your risks while ensuring better cost control and improved margins. Our experience working with global organizations in the Oil & Gas, Mining and Utilities industries gives us the unique ability to assist you in implementing your ERP system.

Our experts are familiar with the challenges and changes in the utilities industry, with local teams that can provide real-time solutions to industry players in any region of the world. They can identify gaps and address integration points in different parts of the energy value chain to increase operational effectiveness. Our experts can help you to leverage the next generation of Cloud computing and Mobility solutions to automate site activities to improve Asset Utilization and Productivity.

Our experts can help you apply a Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) approach to help automate the refinery scheduling process as well as contribute in building a business-wide services repository.

Finally, they can help accelerate the deployment of your capital projects, enhance exploration with data management and analytics and maximize efficiency with end-to-end operational solutions.

Ataway allows utilities executives to design systems and tailor processes to meet the specific challenges facing their industry, freeing up vital resources and human capital so that they may be used in more strategic capacities.

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Case studies

Issue Support Management for a Fortune 500 energy client
October 11, 2012

The client, a Fortune 500 company traded on the New York Stock Exchange, is one of the largest electric power companies in the United States.

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