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Keeping tabs on consumer demand and market trends while maintaining sustainable and profitable internal or external distribution chains are some of the greatest challenges facing companies in consumer goods industries. Trying to get a hold of constantly shifting consumer demand alone is challenging enough. Having to do this while devoting energy towards maintaining business processes and staying on top of systems can be utterly impossible for executives in the consumer goods industry.

That why our experts will help you optimize your supply chain, global distribution chain and stock by building strong integration across all systems to provide you a more homogeneous one. Our experts will help you optimize your software, people and processes to reduce your exposure to unpredictable events, such as the rising cost of raw materials.

Businesses in the consumer goods industry need to be able to focus their energy on anticipating and keeping up with shifting consumer demands. Ataway provides both short- and long-term solutions for businesses in the consumer goods industry. Sustainable development models and an emphasis on strategic planning help Ataway’s clients stay ahead of the curve. Our goal is to help you to make your back office a function that is no longer a limiting factor so that you can afford to devote resources toward reaching broader strategic development targets.

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Case studies

Human Capital solutions for consumer goods giant
January 16, 2013

This client is a leading British supermarket chain with small grocery stores under its main brand name, big supermarkets in outside cities and 24-hour stores worldwide.

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