Oracle Taleo
Improve your hiring process
while aligning your people to corporate objectives.


Oracle Taleo’s solutions are the market leader in talent acquisition (recruitment), performance management, learning and development and compensation management. These capabilities combine to provide what Taleo calls “Talent Intelligence,” or an enhanced level of insight into candidates and employees. Taleo is sold by Oracle exclusively via a software-as-a-service (SaaS) model, in which all software and information resides in data centers operated and secured by Oracle.

Ataway will assist you in analyzing your business processes, sharing best practices to help you to make process decisions, build configuration and determine how different types of users or groups will use Taleo. Our experts will provide your organization with the knowledge and support necessary to design, configure, test and deploy your recruiting solution successfully.

Ataway experts will help you to automate your on-boarding and off-boarding processes quickly and effectively. They will focus on "speed-to-value," with implementation times focused on getting you set up quickly to eliminate paperwork, streamline your business processes and engage your most important asset: Your People.

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