Oracle Campus Solutions
Enhance the dynamic between your institution
and its students and staff.


Different institutions, including small and private universities, community colleges, research institutions and larger public, multi-campus systems, share a common vision on integrating the entire community. Oracle’s Campus Solutions provides the platform that will help your institution execute this vision.

Oracle Campus Solutions is an complete suite that provides students, alumni, faculty and staff with immediate access to real-time information related to the learning and administrative processes.

As a set of different tools integrated in a single application, Campus Solution includes:

• Academic Advisement
• Campus Community
• Campus Self Service
• Campus Solutions Data Warehouse
• Contributor Relations
• Financial Aid
• Gradebook
• Industry Analytics
• Recruiting and Admissions
• Student Administration
• Student Financials
• Student Records

Ataway’s Campus Solutions consulting specialists will collaborate with your institution’s strategy by providing a combination of best practices and experience used in prior implementations.

Ataway and BASHMobile: Partnering to address the needs
of universities and colleges

Ataway signed a strategic partnership with Bash that allows Ataway to deliver powerful mobile solutions for higher education institutions utilizing Oracle’s PeopleSoft Campus Solutions and HCM by integrating them seamlessly with BASH’s cloud and web based applications.

BASH Technologies, Inc. provides cloud based mobile software solutions for Enterprise Applications that seamlessly integrate systems such as PeopleSoft. BASHmobile is an integrated out-of-the-box solution that is device-centric, providing a user-centric environment where users can access ERP systems via any device, including Android phones, iPhones, Blackberry phones, iPads, other tablets and mobile devices, as well as desktop or laptop computers. BASH has extensive experience delivering value-driven solutions that address the evolving current and future needs of universities and colleges.

BASHmobile’s Push Notification feature allows your school to send notifications – free of charge – to applicants, students and instructors. It includes the geolocation feature so that notifications can be sent out to any of the groups, but only be received if the person receiving it is physically on campus or at the company.

BASHmobile is a turn-key solution that provides all the student system self-service features such as enrolling/dropping classes, viewing Financial Aid, paying tuition/fees, viewing grades, and much more. 

Together with BASH, Ataway can provide software solutions for college and university clients worldwide.

Contact Ataway today and see how we can help you with your Campus Solutions needs!

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Interested in upgrading to Campus Solutions 9.2? Ataway’s Early Adopter Program offers selected participants delta analysis, implementation, support, and as an option, carry on of the customization and new development if needed. Ataway will provide planning, upgrade, optimization, and governance/compliance services for your PeopleSoft Campus upgrade project.

Ataway Global Newsletter

Get valuable insights on the latest best practices involving ERP, process management, and local regulations worldwide, delivered right to your inbox!


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