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For global companies, challenges pertaining to compliance can mean the success or failure of a local operation. Local regulatory compliance issues can arise regardless of how long a business has been operating in a given region. As new technologies and global market circumstances stem from the further development of compliance regulations, companies need partners who are familiar with local practices and can find solutions to otherwise unsolvable problems.

With consultants in almost every major region of the world, Ataway offers the sort of in-depth local knowledge that comes with having profound experience and familiarity with a market. Whether it's ensuring clients are aware of potential future challenges or finding solutions to current regulatory challenges, Ataway consultants keep businesses in the loop with on-the-ground, real-time information and consulting.

Ataway can assist you in:

  • • Defining a core global core system compliant with your home GAAP (US GAAP, German GAAP, China GAAP, Brazil GAAP, etc.)
  • • Designing your system and reports in compliance with FAS52 for international companies
  • • Implementing IFRS in your processes and systems
  • • Correctly implementing international withholding (1099, DAS2 etc.) and taxes (Sales Tax, VAT/GST, TDS, Consumption Tax) in your system
  • • Auditing and with SOX regulations
  • • System and process compliance to complex local tax environments: “Nota Fiscal” in Brazil, Indian Taxes, European Union Intrastat, etc.
  • • Monitoring changes in the local Payroll rules and associated updates in your system
  • • Interface to local tax systems (Golden Tax for China, Mastersaf for Brazil, GUI for Taiwan, etc.)
  • • Defining and implementing a Single Global Chart Of Accounts

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