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Workforce Absence Manager

Kronos Workforce Absence Manager provides organizations with insight into employee attendance and allows organizations to control the cost associated with employee absences. Not only does the solution assist in controlling costs associated with employee absences, but it also helps to ensure that companies remain in compliance as well. The Workforce Absence Manager ensures that companies are following attendance rules and federal regulations.

Kronos Workforce Absence Manager solution automates employee attendance policies and actions, allowing management to focus on issues that need to be addressed while improving overall operations and the company’s bottom line.

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Workforce Timekeeper

Kronos Workforce Timekeeper offers organizations in all industries an intuitive, modern and effective solution to automate employee time and attendance. By automating time and attendance tracking, your organization can save time and money—not only by allowing administrators to focus on more value-added tasks, but also by experiencing a solution that offers you deeper insight into time and attendance trends, providing you with ways to cut costs and address attendance issues. All attendance data is held together in one location with a configurable rules based engine that is able to utilize work and pay rules.

In addition to automating the data collection and processing, the Workforce Timekeeper helps to enforce compliance as well. The Timekeeper automatically applies federal work laws and regulations, as well as company policies to ensure that employee attendance is in compliance. An audit history is also provided, allowing organizations to go back and access any records.

Workforce Timekeeper increases employee satisfaction as managers are able to interact with and respond to employee requests/questions immediately. Employees are also given the tools to check time and attendance information, such as remaining sick day balance, vacation accruals and more from their mobile devices or desktops. 

Kronos Workforce Timekeeper offers both managers and employees access to the real-time information they need to enhance productivity and automate timekeeping processes.

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Workforce Central

Kronos Workforce Central is a web-based suite of solutions that offers organizations time and attendance tracking, absence management, employee scheduling, HR, payroll, analytics and more, with the option to be deployed on premise or in the cloud. Workforce Central offers solutions that save your organization time and money by lowering compliance risk while improving workforce productivity and efficiency.

Workforce Central applications are unique in that they can be access through a variety of platforms, including mobile devices, tablets and desktops, offering both managers and employees the solutions and information they need at their fingertips. The applications were built using Java 2 Enterprise Edition (J2EE) for Web applications and consist of three separate tiers—the client tier (customer-facing pages and interface), application tier (Web server and business rules engine) and database tier (data storage).

Workforce Central solutions offer users an intuitive and modern interface as well as the ability to access the suite from wherever is most convenient, whether that be at the office or on-the-go.

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Workforce Analytics

Organizations today are gathering an influx of data centering around organizational performance and the employee workforce, such as productivity levels, absences and vacation time. Kronos Workforce Central Workforce Analytics module offers organizations enhanced, real time reporting capabilities to interpret this data compared to traditional, static methods of reporting. Kronos Workforce Analytics offers organizations the information they need for enhanced decisions through color coded maps, charts, tables and diagrams. Workforce Analytics allow organizations to understand the “why” behind their data, to identify any potential issues and to take action immediately.

Has your team been under or over performing this month? Which tasks required the greatest amount of time? Why are employees entering a high number of overtime hours this quarter? Kronos Workforce Analytics can help organizations answer these questions.

Workforce Analytics provide users with intuitive and interactive reporting tools and allow managers to check Key Performance Indicator (KPI) progress. The Workforce Analytics module utilizes dashboards, allowing users to tailor the information they need. Workforce Analytics saves organizations time and money by offering valuable tools to interpret labor data, streamline scheduling and minimize risk.

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Workforce Forecast Manager

With Kronos Workforce Forecast Manager, managers are able to accurately predict labor demand and scheduling needs down to 15 minute intervals. Workforce Forecast Manager removes the guesswork behind scheduling, avoiding costly overstaffing or understaffing. The Forecast Manager produces forecasts using algorithms based on units sold, sales, number of transactions, etc. to determine business volume.

The Forecast Manager solution gathers and interprets data collected from companies’ point of sale (POS) systems to predict business volume each week. Only three weeks of historical data is needed before the solution can be implemented, using exponential smoothing to predict future volume. For further precision, the solution uses adaptive forecasting if two or more years of historical data is available, tuning itself to select the best-fit algorithm and taking into account seasonality, variations and special events.

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Workforce Scheduler

After managers know the forecasted amount of labor needed for a given hour, day or week, they can create schedules accordingly using the Kronos Workforce Scheduler. The Workforce Scheduler allows managers to maximize labor productivity, minimize compliance risk and avoid costly over/understaffing. The Workforce Scheduler solution automatically matches and assigns the necessary labor demand to meet business demand (forecasted using historical data).

The solution will automatically generate the number of individuals needed to cover a shift, allowing managers to select the best candidates to fill the shift based on seniority, schedule availability, etc. The Schedule-to-Skill feature allows managers to assign certain employees with different levels of skill sets to a shift, such as to ensure that all inexperienced employees don’t work the highest demand shift together. Managers can assign proficiency requirements to automate the process.

Workforce Scheduler also keeps scheduling compliant by taking scheduling rules and regulations into account, such as ensuring that employees go on break after a certain number of hours.

Workforce Scheduler saves organizations from high labor costs and streamlines productivity.

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Workforce Task Management

With Kronos Workforce Task Management, retailers and other organizations can easily enforce and monitor tasks and projects set by the store itself or a corporate entity. Workforce Task Management allows users to create projects, tasks and subtasks. The solution uses a guided workflow that walks the creator through the project/task creation process. Users have the ability to add in required approvals from gatekeepers who will sign off on the project or step within the completion process. Other additional features include the ability to import Excel lists in and integrate with Kronos’ forecasting and scheduling solutions.

When a corporate store launches a project in cooperation with all of its store locations, Workforce Task Management provides a single hub of communication and direction for all store managers. Corporate can track individual and collective store progress and send out communications in a consolidated location. Managers can report employee hours spent on each task and monitor/assign tasks while on the work floor using a tablet.

The solution incorporates forecasts and labor standards to predict the best time of day/week to complete a task as well as which specific employees should be working during that time. The solution takes the guesswork out of scheduling, maximizing productivity and efficiency based on historical data trends gathered by the store.

Kronos Workforce Task Management provides increased transparency and insight into the corporate-store relationship, offering both parties the tools they need to succeed and work in cooperation.

For more information about Kronos Workforce Task Management, visit Kronos online.

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