Transcend! Ataway Higher Education PeopleSoft Campus Solutions, PeopleSoft Financial, PeopleSoft FSCM and PeopleSoft HCM 9.2 Campaign

Transcend! Ataway Higher Education Oracle PeopleSoft Campus Solutions, PeopleSoft Finance, PeopleSoft FSCM and PeopleSoft HCM 9.2 Marketing Campaign. Higher education customers can download PeopleSoft 9.2 eBooks written by experts. Campaign will lead up to the Alliance 2016 Conference. Interact, HEUG, Susan Beidler, Lawrence Borgione, Maria Ana Santiago, Paco Aubrejuan, Mark Armstrong

Get your PeopleSoft 9.2 eBooks set to help your higher education institution.

Transcend your System!

At Ataway, we know and share in your dilemmas, whether they are technical or functional. We know that an upgrade is always a big decision for your institution to make as you reconcile cost, improve productivity and stay current on a supported release. PeopleSoft 9.2 (FSCM, HR and Payroll) is not your usual upgrade, in many respects, as it is a true game changer. The first and most important aspect to consider is that 9.2 will be the last upgrade you will need. The current Oracle roadmap for PeopleSoft runs until 2022 (at least). All new features, fixes, etc., will be delivered through the PeopleSoft Update Manager rather than through the traditional upgrade model.

“Our objective is to deliver a low impact, high opportunity upgrade,” Mark Armstrong, Oracle Vice President of Higher Education Development, said.

It is like having all the features of a cloud application without the hassle. You can roll out or opt out of features without the pain or disruption of an upgrade, keeping full control of your environments and features at a minimal cost. Campus Solutions 9.2 is also released now with the same delivery model, so your organization will be leverage its knowledge on PUM to apply images to your institution.

With the solutions provided in the latest versions, your institution will be able to transcend your system and offer an experience for faculty, staff and students based on the business, versus being shaped by available system functionality. It is a game changer that will transform the way you think about your PeopleSoft ERP—a more agile, less expensive option, resulting in higher productivity and user satisfaction.

Ataway has been partnering with our global customers for over 15 years on various PeopleSoft projects. These projects include implementation, upgrades, rollout, support, maintenance, localizations, application strategy andmuch more for higher education institutions worldwide. With this partnership approach, we also support our customers and their unique business drivers with their different applications, such as Oracle Cloud Solutions, Fusion, Taleo and EBS. Ataway teams have an exceptional ability to address complex issues in both a domestic and global environment, and we believe in supporting our clients with a dedicated commitment to customer satisfaction.

Ataway can work with you to assess and identify how to both streamline the business and maximize system functionality. Further, we will put our combined global 9.2 expertise and Cloud application experience to work to help you define and execute traditional on-premises, Cloud or hybrid application strategy to support your business for the next decade.

Transcend your system. Spark an experience.

Benefits of Investing in your ERP System

By investing in your ERP system, you are laying the groundwork to go to the next level. At Ataway, we can help you put the infrastructure in place to move forward using the latest technology. Allow our Campus enterprise, PeopleSoft and global knowledge, combined with our Cloud application experience, to not simply define and execute an application strategy, but co-create a positive project experience. Reduce your total cost of ownership and gain a clear understanding of PeopleSoft 9.2 and how to leverage your system to support smoother daily operations as well as institutional strategy.

Early Adopter Program


Interested in upgrading to 9.2? Ataway’s Early Adopter Program offers selected participants delta analysis, implementation, support, and as an option, carry on of the customization and new development if needed. Ataway will provide planning, upgrade, optimization, and governance/compliance services for your PeopleSoft Campus upgrade project.

The program is designed to help institutions rapidly transition to Campus 9.2 with minimum risk. Ataway will allocate expert resources to your project that have been implementing Campus for years and who know the higher education industry.

Your team will be able to leverage Ataway’s best practices and years of experience to meet your institutional needs. The Ataway team will work with you to move to 9.2 and help you to identify how to maximize the delivered functionality in previous releases that you didn’t uptake. Further, we will put our combined global 9.2 expertise and Cloud application experience to work to help you define and execute traditional on-premises, Cloud or hybrid application strategy to support your institution for the next decade.

Early Adopter status offers our clients access to our functional and technical experts, competitive pricing for both onsite and offsite support models, as well as a C-level sponsorship within Ataway to ensure your success.

Further, Ataway’s platinum partnership with Oracle provides us a strategic relationship with close ties to service, strategy and development, helping to bridge the gap and extend the knowledge base and support system there to guarantee your success. With comprehensive domain knowledge of Campus, Ataway facilitates effective decision making and will enable you to meet your business requirements with a focus on quality, knowledge transfer and process simplification.

Universities who want to participate in the Early Adopter Program will be selected based on the strength of the campus’ commitment to deploy Campus 9.2 as early as possible. Consequently, the number of institutions that can participate in the program is limited.

Ataway, your global consulting and business process experts

Ataway, a global Oracle Platinum Partner since 2000, specializes in back office processes and associated systems (Finance, HR, CRM, Supply Chain, Procurement, Campus Solutions and Payroll) covering the full cycle from process redesign, implementation, global deployment, core systems design, upgrade, rollout, support, training, maintenance and more. We help institutions and major global corporations to maximize and extend the value of their Oracle systems while leveraging our global presence, product expertise and multilingual consultants. We strive to form long-term partnerships with our customers.

We lead projects to success by delivering on time, within budget and with outstanding quality. Not only do we listen to our customers, but we also understand them, adapting to their needs and keeping them informed on the project's progress. We are a true team player. Our goal is to better serve you and support your evolving business needs with not only quality, but also with a timely and thoughtful response. We know that an upgrade can be stressful. Our experts, who have worked with Oracle to design and develop PeopleSoft 9.2, will provide experienced guidance to maximize 9.2 to meet your needs and reduce risk. Our experience and proven disciplined methodology also allows us to provide insight into best practices and lessons learned throughout the enterprise. We will also decrease your project risk by leveraging best practices and lessons learned from our years of experience with PeopleSoft.

Some of the many benefits of working with Ataway include the following:

  • A combination of Onshore and Offshore Services (Shanghai and Buenos Aires) will reduce your project cost and provide you with scalability (SurePath, Scrum, Agile methodology).
  • Ataway consultants (on-site, remote) thrive while faced with challenging, global projects. Our consultants will work hand-in-hand with your teams as a single unit. Our PeopleSoft Experts are bilingual with international expertise.
  • Ataway consultants are confident translating industry, local, statutory and client requirements into a PeopleSoft solution with limited customization.
  • Ataway has performed the successful implementation, upgrade and roll out of PeopleSoft 9.2 (currently Finance and HCM), at higher education institutions worldwide, adding to many projects that have been delivered on time and within budget.
  • Ataway’s worldwide locations will enable not only the delivery of your project, but will also provide local knowledge as well as reduced travel cost and complexity. Ataway is always willing to follow its customers where it is needed and open new offices.

We believe that upgrading a system for a client is not only a matter of upgrading technology, but is also an excellent opportunity to streamline the business. Our experience shows that implementing ‘best practices’ significantly increases the success of the project. Ask about an upgrade assessment from Ataway. We will propose a detailed timeline, expected costs and an effective project plan, which will reduce your overall costs and improve your time-to-upgrade.

Customers on 9.2 Reported:

30% Productivity gain by leveraging the WorkCenter

45% Productivity gain by PeopleSoft Fluid User Interface/Mobility

39% Fewer clicks to apply for a job posting

41% Fewer clicks to execute a life event

35% Fewer clicks to create a purchasing requisition

72% Fewer clicks to manage Accounts Payable


Schools that have Implemented Campus Solutions have seen:

80% Faster application processing times

4x Faster peak enrollment periods

93% Faster batch job completion