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hybris B2B Commerce
November 21, 2014

Business customers’ needs are changing. As consumers, they expect a highly personalized shopping experience whether they engage with retailers online, on their mobile or offline. These expectations are changing the way they expect to engage with your business. Business customers expect a highly efficient B2C experience when they purchase in the B to B world.

Is your organization ready? If not, you might be losing sales opportunities. 

hybris delivers a comprehensive B2B Commerce solution that gives your business customers a multi-channel shopping experience as advanced as the Web’s best consumer sites.

hybris B2B Commerce delivers :

  • • A highly productive, state-of-the-art business customer experience to maximize conversion and revenue
  • • Robust functionality for business selling and buying
  • • Minimizes total cost of ownership with optimized processes and increased productivity
  • • Flexibility, extensibility and scale you need for limitless expansion and growth

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