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Live Support coverage for Television powerhouse
January 9, 2013
South America

The client is a major player in the international Media & Entertainment business, developing, producing and distributing 350+ wholly- and majority-owned pay-TV channels across Latin America, Europe, Asia, the Middle East and Africa in 37 different languages. These networks and their related mobile, non-linear and high-definition extensions reach over 1.1 billion viewing subscribers worldwide.

Project Details

The project focus was to provide production support for Latin America, including Brazil, Argentina, Guatemala, Mexico and Colombia. Ataway also developed new customizations responding to the needs of the client. As the client is a large company, it needed systems upgrades very often. The Ataway team’s expertise was thus required to be executed with efficiency.

Initial Project Timeline

The main driver of the project was to support the client's Internal Support Group. The Internal Support Group is composed of only five people -- three in Buenos Aires, one in Brazil and one in Mexico. It was not enough to provide for the needs of the company. Because of this, the quantity of issues reported was much higher than the Internal Support Team could manage.

The initial timeline for the implementation was as follows:

Scope of activities: Go live support, Fit Gap Analysis for new customizations, new customization development

Countries in scope: Argentina, Brazil, Guatemala, Mexico, Colombia (and later, Venezuela and Chile)

Service level: Support Services

Number of users: Appx. 50

Number of supporting cases: Around 200

Duration: One Year. The contract is extended every six months

Location of service performed: Argentina

Challenges & Difficulties

Challenges: It was a challenging project because it was necessary to familiarize the client with the Ataway Methodology. This approach is a unified methodology for managing projects, implementation and support. It enables Ataway consultants to report the status of each task and track the project, while also allowing the customer and participants to be given daily status updates. It is always difficult for users to adopt new processes and methodology rapidly. The time for training is always short and users are usually reluctant to change. 

Main difficulties encountered: The client's Internal Support Group could not manage solving the hundreds of issues that arose per week. When Ataway consultants arrived on the project, it was chaos in terms of the quantity and management of issues.

Solutions & Lessons

Solutions found: The Ataway Methodology was appropriate to adopt for supporting cases. Even if it was challenging and sometimes difficult to use, Ataway consultants, in partnership with the client, stuck with the method. After some team members gathered more experience with it, the rigor of our methodology enabled Ataway to properly analyze the issues and fix them with more efficiency.

Lessons learned: It is necessary to continue working with rigor and professionalism and to apply the Ataway Methodology in order to avoid re-do's.

Achievements & Outcome

Ataway provided a flexible and customized solution for each gap detected by the client in all of its Latin American subsidiaries trying to manage the Ataway Methodology. The project is still ongoing, and Ataway consultants continue to provide support the client needs, putting an end to a formerly chaotic situation. From now on, the issues can be fixed appropriately using the proper methods and efficiency.

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