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Global PeopleSoft deployment for world's second largest retailer
January 11, 2013

Over the past 40 years, this client has grown to become one of the world’s leading distribution groups. The world’s second-largest retailer and the largest in Europe, the group currently operates over 9,500 stores, either company-operated or franchises. The group currently operates in three major markets (Europe, Latin America and Asia) with a presence in 32 countries.

The group sees strong potential for further international growth in the future and consistently emphasizes local recruitment, plus management and staff training on the job wherever they work. Typically, the company will be one of the leading private employers in any country where it operates. Naturally, this is the case for France where the group was originally founded, but it is also true of countries such as Brazil, Argentina, Colombia, Italy and Greece.

Project Overview

The client needed to control its budget for some transactions and they did not have a single tool to manage to do this. Ataway observed the company's work habits for several months in order to perfectly understand the client's needs and learn how its PeopleSoft Budget Control module worked. Finally, after several months of analysis, Ataway made a proposal to implement the Budget Control module of PeopleSoft, which would cover a majority of the client's business requirements.

Based on the module KK (Commitment Control) of the Thalès application, the two main objectives of this project were: 1) To build a core model for this module in order to deploy the global business process designed for the commitment control of the general expenses (applicable to all the client's entities, holdings and logistic entities), and 2) To deploy this core model (Mid-2011 for the Hypermarket and Supermarket formats for France in Phase One, and later to all the other entities in Phase Two). In order to evaluate the risk encountered and the effort needed by that type of deployment using PeopleSoft, a prototype of this Business Process was built early in 2010. The evolution was based on this prototype, along with business requirements and user expectations that were gathered. Phase Two of the implementation was studied later in 2011, but all the already known requirements for this phase were taken into account in the Global Design.

Intial Project Plan

  • • Scope of activities: Global Configuration, Budget Administration, Commitment Control for requisitions, Commitment Control for Purchase Orders, Commitmnet Control for Vouchers, Commitmnet Control for GL journals, Budget Inquiries
  • • Countries in scope:  France
  • • Service level: Implementation
  • • Duration:  8 months
  • • Location of service performed: France


The implementation of FSCM Commitment Control (KK) for version 8.4 for a global company like this particular client was a major challenge in itself, as it was their first version of KK in Peoplesoft. Ataway's consultants encountered several difficulties. Along with connection issues, Ataway consultants experienced many standard bugs in Commitment Control Peoplesoft v. 8.4. They also had issues with the Main process of Commitment Control, which had to be modified many times to support client requirements.


Thanks to its expertise and methodologies, Ataway found simple solutions and performed them with rigor. In doing so, Ataway way able to successfully improve the client's Peoplesoft Commitment Control v.8.4 and fix standard bugs to meet the target goals without delaying the implementation.

Achievements & Outcome

The major achievements of this project included the professionalism and expertise of Ataway's consultants as the Budget Control module was complex and unstable. Despite the complexity and instability, the consultants managed to handle it very well and both phases of the project were delivered on time.

Prior to Ataway's involvement in the project, the client did not have any tools to track its budget. The customer benefitted from Ataways's involvement in the project by the tools and KPI to measure the progress of the project that Ataway deployed. The customer was satisfied with the result and was able to track its budget with efficiency. 

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