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BPM services for banking client
January 16, 2013
South America

The client provides banking services primarily in Argentina. The group focuses mainly on real estate lending market, offering loans, home mortgage repayments and home equity. The group also underwrites insurance related to its mortgage lending activities and services mortgage loan portfolios. In addition, it provides real estate brokerage services and property management services. As of December 2008, it operated more than 70 branches.

Project Overview

The project consisted of upgrading existing systems into a new execution platform, including migration from Tomcat to Weblogic 11g and migration from Oracle BPM 5.7 to Oracle BPM 10g. Due to new Bank BPM processes and to the increase of the BPM users, the platform where the BPM projects were deployed was progressively migrated from Tomcat to Weblogic 11g and from Oracle BPM 5.7 (formerly ALBPM 5.7) to Oracle BPM 10g. Ataway provided two onsite consultants: one to train the development team and the operations team in the new technology, best practices and procedures of Weblogic 11g, and the other to be part of the BPM development team.

Initial Project Timeline

  • • Scope of activities: Development, mentoring and coaching
  • • Countries in scope: Argentina
  • • Service level: Project Implementation, Onsite Consulting, Development services, Training and Strategic advisory
  • • Duration: 1 year and two months
  • • Location of service performed: Argentina, San Martin 202 Capital Federal  


Ataway’s main challenge was to prove to this new client that Ataway had the knowledge and expertise to achieve the objectives. Ataway consultants had to understand the current situation of the solution in order to give the correct focus in the mentoring and coaching of the client’s team in the new technology. The customer also had to stop from time to time to focus on his daily work. 


Ataway built a course of Weblogic according to the needs of the client. It also helped the client to define the IT procedures for BPM deployments. In a project with these characteristics, Ataway consultants increased their mentoring skills and improved their knowledge concerning the steps needed to generate the material for technical courses.

Achievements & Outcome

The major achievement in this project was introducing the knowledge and best practices of a new technology to the client. By the end of the project, Ataway's consultants were considered to be part of the client's team. The customer is now able to generate and deploy BPM process into the new platform. The team also helped the client to define the final solution, architecture design and hardware sizing requirements. The project was completed on time, but delays in the client schedule delayed the roll out.

The client was very pleased with the result and Ataway was able to transfer both knowledge and good practices to the client.

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