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June 30, 2017
Your Last Differentiator: Human Capital, Gregg Gordon, Kronos
Frederic Portal, Ataway Director of Alliance and Strategy

Gregg Gordon, the Vice President of the Data Science Practice Group at Kronos Incorporated just gave an interview to Forbes where he shares some insists on why he believes that Talent Is Still Your Greatest Asset. He just wrote a book on Your Last Differentiator: Human Capital.



In a blog Post Gregg Gordon was at a conference a few weeks back, at a break he went to a Starbucks. He was shocked by the fact that people were willing to wait 20-30 minutes for a Sta

rbucks coffee when they could get a likely reasonable and less expensive cup of coffee at another store nearby.

This little experiment shows that at least in the retail coffee market the value is worth about 30 minutes of a customer’s time and probably a 20% price premium even when the switching cost is zero. ”The lesson can be translated to other markets….bare bones service and low-cost offerings have their place in the market, but a larger percentage of consumers place a premium on the overall experience that includes service and product. Is your company doing what it can to deliver this kind of experience to your customers?”


Gordon shared his point of view on how today organization can be agile and can compete in this disruptive market. To compete with startups many companies do this today by utilizing one or more strategies that encompass some level of build or buy. He provided the example of 200 active corporate venture funds with Intel and Google being the largest investors, then he also shares some buying strategy from Walmart (with and Unilever(Dollar Shave).



To highly engaged workforce Gordon provided some tips on where organizations need to focus:

By sharing with employees the strategy of an organization and the challenges it faces. Gordon explains that with the big picture explained, employees might be able to peek around a corner more effectively than management.

Trust employees to make the right decisions when they are armed with the right training and tools.

Respect employees through recognition of their efforts; strong compensation; and spotlighting employee efforts when things go well and even when risk is taken that result in failure.

Bring innovation:
Bring innovation to Human Resource practices and business processes to accommodate the personal demands and aspirations of their employees.


 Gordon provided  also few career advice:

"1. The digitization of the world is not going to stop anytime soon. Just as communication skills are a must-have for advancement, being competent in technology and how to apply it to business problems will become a required skill to compete.

2. Explore different functional roles to gain experience and understanding of how different parts of an organization work. If that option is not available, at least spend time with people in those different areas, including customers, to learn more about their jobs and challenges. Having a better understanding of the complete business environment will provide more opportunities to solve the toughest problems, which typically occur in the gaps between roles.

3. Make sure you take time to relax and invest in your personal life. Working harder isn’t the answer for success, it only results in fatigue and burnout. A rested mind will work smarter and be more creative."

You can read more in the interview to Forbes.


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