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September 20, 2017
What’s next in human resources technology! A PWC Survey
Frederic Portal, Ataway Director of Alliance and Strategy

Let’s face it: Globalization is affecting every core business activity, from supply chain and customer engagement to regulatory reporting and talent attraction and retention. Traditional HR technology hasn’t been able to rise to meet the evolving needs of the business. The deployment of multiple HCM systems has weakened core HR functions for many companies. Inconsistent and inaccurate data have plagued payroll and benefits reporting, in addition to more strategic efforts, such as workforce planning and career development. As a result, global corporate culture is not defined or supported across local regions, and the workforce remains unengaged.

To stay relevant and add value, HR functions must embrace digital transformation. The old model was to identify a glitch, run a change project, and treat the problem as fixed to continue as before. Now, one-off change is not enough. Transformation demands continuous improvement. Change becomes always-on, not something that you do once and then stop.

PwC run for the fourth time a Global HR Technology Survey, they looked at how cloud adoption is happening and how analytic applications are being prioritized to enable the Chief Human Resource Officer's agenda.

They found that organizations of all sizes continue to migrate their HR processes to the cloud at a record pace. Two years ago, 68% of organizations had at least one HR process in the cloud. In 2017, that number has climbed to 73%. 

For those organization still using on-premise applications for core HR, nearly one-third are actively planning their migration to the cloud over the next 12–18 months.


The PwC  survey look at does HCM really improved HR’s ability to deliver services?

It appears that the answer is “yes,” with a resounding 75% of companies responding that they feel their move to the cloud has enabled better HR service delivery. 

PWC saw year-over-year an improvements from HR cloud vendors to increase customer satisfaction with software as a service overall. Most vendors are pushing new releases to customers anywhere from two to four times a year. Vendors also have refined and improved their processes around development, release management, testing, and communication.


PWC asked what needs to improve with HR technology : HR analytics tops the list.

Organizations that are looking to take their analytics capabilities to the next level are seeking ways to:
• Report insights beyond operational and compliance reports
• Blend data from external sources
• Select metrics and key performance indicators that matter and visualize them through easy to use dashboards
• Apply big data concepts to HR questions
• Leverage data in the cloud to support predictive analytical capabilities
•  Increase the use of HR analytics (e.g., strategic reports, dashboards, etc.) by HR business partners and leaders.

These analytic applications will start to blend machine learning with analytics so that increasingly more unstructured data can be used


Here are few results from the PwC's Human Resources Technology Survey 2017:

·         75% of companies say their move to the cloud has enabled better HR service delivery.
·         55% report their transition to the cloud led to a significant improvement in the amount of time HR spends proactively consulting with business partners versus performing transaction processing.
·         62% improved user experience and increased the use of employee or manager self-services.
·         On average, respondents expected at least 70% of the projected business case benefits would be achieved by transitioning to the cloud.


You can find more information on the PwC’s Global HR Technology Survey 2017, What’s now and what’s next in human resources technology?

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