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April 19, 2017
Utilizing the Power of Oracle Talent Management Cloud

Oracle Talent Management Cloud provides HR organizations with the modern tools they need to track and manage talent while engaging their workforces. Utilizing the power of Oracle Cloud, Oracle Talent Management Cloud allows organizations to reduce overhead costs and heavy infrastructure investments and utilize an agile, flexible solution that meets individual needs. Oracle Talent Management Cloud provides organizations with a number of significant benefits, including cutting the time required to bring on new employees and find new talent. Some recruiting solutions in Oracle Talent Management Cloud include the ability for employees to refer someone within the system as well as the ability to carry out marketing geared specifically toward attracting new, qualified talent. The initial weeks where an employee is onboarding with the company is streamlined and enhanced as well, guiding the individual through the process and ensuring that the individual receives the information and training they need to successfully complete their job.

Employee performance can be greatly enhanced as well using the power of Oracle Talent Management Cloud. The solution provides the tools to establish goals and track progress on accomplishing those goals, including benchmarks and the facilitation for managers to work with their employees. In addition to monitoring employee performance, the Oracle Cloud solution makes it easy to build career development plans for each employee based on their unique strengths, career aspirations and skill sets. Managers can put succession plans in place and identify talent that they would like to utilize as well.

Oracle Talent Management Cloud also provides a modern and engaging learning platform for employees to grow with the company. Oracle Talent Management Cloud is a complete lifecycle solution, from an individual’s first moments of exposure with a company to the interview, onboarding, training, career development and beyond.


How can I take advantage of the Oracle Talent Management Cloud?

The Oracle Talent Management Cloud offers organizations a number of industry-leading benefits, making it an attractive and viable solution for many customers of all sizes and in all industries. Organizations can take advantage of the Oracle Talent Management Cloud with the Oracle Talent Management Base (TM Base). The Oracle TM Base allows your Core HR system to co-exist with the Oracle Talent Management applications. With TM Base, organizations can utilize their current Oracle investment, thereby increasing their ROI. TM Base also allows you to integrate your non-Oracle HR or legacy system investments as well. Organizations can adopt Oracle Talent Management Cloud or Oracle HCM Cloud solutions at a pace that is comfortable for them.

Oracle Talent Management Cloud solutions are also secure, with the applications utilizing Role Based Access Control (RBAC). An individual’s assigned role determines what within the system that individual will be able to access. Permissions are tied to roles and then those roles are assigned to individuals. Oracle Cloud users can rest assured that they are secure and remaining in compliance through the solution.

Oracle Talent Management Cloud also has “built-in extensibility,” allowing organizations to tailor the applications in ways that work for them and their processes. Meanwhile, this extensibility is safe for upgrades.

Oracle TM Base also provides a sleek user experience through an integrated interface. The Talent Profile and Organizational Chart are within the TM Base and provide a launching point to access the additional features, including Performance, Talent Review and Goals and Compensation.

For more information about Oracle Talent Management Cloud, click here.

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