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April 7, 2017
Top 8 Financial Enhancements in PeopleSoft Image 23
Frederic Portal, Ataway Director of Alliance and Strategy

PeopleSoft FSCM continues to offer industry-leading solutions to streamline financial processes.Following our blog post from last week: Top Core Financial Enhancements in PeopleSoft Image 23, we will explore 8 more enhancements delivered for PeopleSoft 9.2. Image 23.


You can watch the YouTube video today to see all of the enhancements delivered by PeopleSoft.


In Image 23 PeopleSoft added Fluid Approvals for invoices at the header and line levels. This feature allows you to approve, deny, or push back transactions; add comments for approval actions, and view transaction attachments. With this new features, Accounts Payable approvers can view Approval History and submit Self Service Invoices, for approval, from the voucher component, you can also run it by batches.

Deal Confirmation is now Fluid for Approvals. This enhancement allows users to approve and deny the deal confirmation; add comments for approval and denial actions; and view line details and transaction attachments. You can now confirm deals using a mobile device. The approval process supports adding comments and viewing attachments for pending transactions.

Asset Lifecycle Management
Asset Management
In Image 23 PeopleSoft enhanced asset data import functionality for asset additions with accumulated depreciation, non-capitalized asset additions, and asset retirement obligation data conversions. Importing asset data using a spreadsheet provides organizations with a configurable, asset data import alternative to Excel-to-CI.

Maintenance Management
Support Amount-Only Requisitions and Purchase Orders for Maintenance Management Work Orders. Purchasing and eProcurement integration enhancements provide maintenance organizations with the ability to associate amount-only requisition and purchase order lines with the work order, task-related, procurement resource items.


PeopleSoft Enterprise Service Automation Solutions (ESA)

Resource Management
In Image 23 PeopleSoft converting Resource Management Assignment Workflow into AWE.

Resource Profile in Fluid
Added the Resource Management - Fluid Resource Profile to provide resources and employees a responsive user interface to accommodate an on-the-go workforce, enabling them to maintain their own profile. This feature also provides resource managers and project manager’s visibility to profiles on the go, which allows them to streamline resource placement and deployment.

Supplier Relationship Management Solutions

Comprehensive Supplier Portal in PeopleSoft Fluid
Enhanced the Supplier Portal for public and secure access for supplier collaboration with a buying organization’s procurement business. Buying organizations interact with their Suppliers and Bidders using the Comprehensive Supplier Portal, which contains multiple tiles to assist Suppliers and Bidders with their daily jobs. Two Homepages are delivered: one for Public usage and one for Secured usage.

There is a lot more features that are not cover in this blog like in Purchasing: Federal DATA ACT – PIID, Parent PIID, FAIN, and URI, Federal DATA ACT - FILE C, Support Amount-Only Requisitions and Purchase Orders for Maintenance Management Work Orders. You can find more details here Doc ID 1495347.1


Interested in learning more about how you can upgrade to PeopleSoft FSCM 9.2, define your PUM/Selective Adoption Strategy and utilize these new features? Ataway can help you to uptake the new PeopleSoft Images quickly as well as help you monitor new images coming up, so your organization keeps its competitive advantage. Ataway is here to help you make the transition. Consider talking to one of our local Ataway offices. Ataway has worked on many upgrades and implementations of PeopleSoft 9.2 and can help you. Consult with Ataway’s team of experts today to learn more.


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