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September 15, 2017
Top 5 Features in PeopleSoft FSCM Update Image 25
Frederic Portal, Ataway Director of Alliance and Strategy

Oracle recently released PeopleSoft FSCM Update Image 25 through the PeopleSoft Update Manager. Using Selective Adoption, organizations can choose the features within this 9.2 Update Image they would like to take and when they would like to apply them. Because of the number of new features within this Update Image, are covering the top six features of that Image 25.

Oracle also just released a new video to highlight those new functionalities in PeopleSoft FSCM Image 25.

Global Components

India Goods and Services Tax with in PeopleSoft Expenses
PeopleSoft 9.2 FSCM Update Image 25 delivers an Expenses solution in which the end-user enters all the relevant details for GST taxes on their Expense Reports. Approvers can view the GST information in the fluid approval. PeopleSoft Contracts provides the necessary attributes to calculate GST in the Billing module. Tax is calculated using billing summary details or during invoice finalization. If streamline billing process options are enabled on the bill plan, then tax is calculated during the invoice finalization process. Enhanced India Goods and Services Tax (GST) for Global Reporting. PeopleSoft GST Reporting processes include an application engine that extracts data and another that generates a GST file. Please contact your GST Suvidha Provider to convert the extracted data into a format that is accepted by your provider.


Spanish Online VAT
PeopleSoft enhanced the VAT Registration feature in support of the Spanish law that makes it mandatory to deliver the VAT register of received and submitted invoices, as well as interstate shipments, electronically to the tax authorities via a predetermined XML format.

The government of Spain has approved a law that makes it mandatory to deliver the VAT register of received and submitted invoices as well as interstate shipments electronically to the tax authorities via a predetermined XML format. Organizations must report to the tax authorities within four days upon the issuance or receipt of supplier or customer invoices. The tax authorities confirm the tax calculation and provide a return file of status for each invoice.

The law is effective July 1, 2017 and applies to these organizations:
     · Large companies with annual turnover 6 million Euros or more.
     · Companies who adhere to the monthly VAT settlement.
     · Company groups that declare as such.

PeopleSoft delivers appropriate content and format to support filings to the Spanish tax authorities in the pre-specified formats.


Fluid Cash Position Drilldown
The Cash Management Home Page to allow users to drill-down into the details of the Available vs. Forecast, Cash Forecast, and Investment & Debt tiles. This enhancement includes new Fluid pages, components, and PeopleCode to support this drill-down expansion. Treasury organizations must have real-time visibility into their global cash position to accurately forecast cash requirements, ensure liquidity, and optimize timely decisions about their investment portfolio. The Fluid Cash Management homepage, which was delivered in Image 10, provides professionals with mobile access to cash position, forecast data, portfolio values, and more. Customers needed more complete and detailed information, therefore, cash, deal, and treasury managers can now access detailed data for these tiles:
     . Available vs Forecast Balance
     · Cash Forecast
     · Investment and Debt.


Supplier Lifecycle Management
Customers want the ability to measure the performance of their suppliers against a set of targets so that they can ensure suppliers are meeting the organizations’ needs in a way that is acceptable. PeopleSoft delivers a new Supplier score-carding solution to subjectively evaluate and score suppliers within your organization. This new business process supports evaluation templates with weighted and scored questions, solicitation of evaluations from users across the organization, and supplier scorecard analytics results with drill downs. Procurement decision makers will benefit from PeopleSoft Supplier Scorecarding individual, trend and supplier comparison analytics as a simple and intuitive method for determining whether supplier performance is on the mark for meeting the organizations’ supplier performance requirements.


Copy Payment Request
Enhanced the PeopleSoft Fluid Payment Request to allow requesters to copy an existing request to a new payment request. The Copy button on the Fluid Payment Request Details page allows you to copy the request details into Activity Guide pages of a new Payment Request. You can review the pages, modify options, add an attachment, and submit the payment request for further processing.


More details available on MOS PeopleSoft_FSCM_UpdateImageOverview_Image_23_25.pdf



Interested in learning more about how you can upgrade to PeopleSoft FSCM 9.2 and utilize these new features? Ataway can help you to uptake the new PeopleSoft Images quickly as well as help you monitor new images coming up, so your organization keeps its competitive advantage. Ataway is here to help you make the transition. Consider talking to one of our local Ataway offices. Ataway has worked on many upgrades and implementations of PeopleSoft 9.2 and can help you. Consult with Ataway’s team of experts today to learn more or send us an email:

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