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November 7, 2015
By Frederic Portal, Ataway Director of Strategy & Alliance

Security is crucial to address in order to avoid data breaches and fraudulent activity. By establishing your own security initiatives in addition to the Oracle security product offerings/features, you can ensure that your organization will be a secure one. In PeopleTools 8.53, PeopleSoft introduced the Secure by Default initiative under Oracle Secure Enterprises. The Secure by Default initiative is an ongoing Oracle agenda to provide a framework, or structure, of security for customers. Security becomes an increasing matter of concern as users access the content outside of office walls.

December 6, 2013

How do you share information from your PeopleSoft HRMSFinancialSupply Chain system with your users? Do you run queries then import the results into Excel spreadsheets? If that’s the case, have you ever thought about security and real time analysis of your data?

PeopleSoft unleashes the power of your ERP with PeopleSoft Pivot Grids, which were first introduced in PeopleTools 8.52. Pivot Grids have been greatly enhanced with PeopleTools Release 8.53.

The new functionality enables users to slice and dice the data within their PeopleSoft ERP without having to go to an analytics warehouse. Users get multiple dimensions for the same data, which can then be exposed in interactive charts and be refreshed anytime the grid data is redrawn. The combination of the grid and chart capabilities provides a very powerful mechanism for interpreting complex data. PeopleSoft Pivot Grids allow the user to analyze data within your application.

Another great advantage is that PeopleSoft Pivot Grids enables users to drill down to the transactional level. Since analysis often requires more data for deeper analysis, this Feature eliminates the need for exporting the data to excel and pivoting it over there. This improves data accuracy, boosts security and saves time.

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