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February 1, 2014
By Frederic Portal, Ataway Director of Strategy and Alliance

PeopleSoft's Interaction Hub, formerly known as the PeopleSoft Application Portal Tool, is designed to simplify and streamline the user experience. The Interaction Hub not only allows users to access countless outside sources; it also manages existing PeopleSoft applications and displays them in an attractive and familiar way to your users.


​The PeopleSoft Interaction Hub enables you to provide a unified navigation across PeopleSoft applications and an easy way to brand your ecosystem, providing a modern look for your applications. 


The PeopleSoft Interaction Hub page allows for unified navigation -- you can link articles and pictures with just the click of a mouse. Other helpful tools, such as OrgCharts, are available with just a click from the portal page. Through the Hub you can create a multi-application system that aggregates content from various PeopleSoft applications by providing unified navigation bringing in remote applications and pagelets. This results in seamless navigation from application to application for your users. No longer will your users have to scroll through endless lists of menus: the Interaction Hub has become a one stop shop for all their needs!

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