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March 10, 2017
By Rebekah Jackson, Oracle Vice President, PeopleSoft Strategy & Product Management

Discover the power of the PeopleSoft Cloud Manager for the Functional Team. Learn more about the features and functionality of the PeopleSoft Cloud Manager and why it is a game changer for organizations. The following blog excerpt was taken from the Oracle PeopleSoft Apps Strategy Blog, written by Rebekah Jackson, Oracle Vice President, PeopleSoft Strategy & Product Management. 

March 4, 2017
By Frederic Portal, Ataway Director of Strategy & Alliance

PeopleSoft Cloud Manager utilizes the power of Oracle’s Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) with Platform Services to save organizations valuable time and money by utilizing the power of hosted environments. PeopleSoft users can quickly create and deploy new environments in the Oracle Cloud without technical knowledge. PeopleSoft Cloud Manager significantly simplifies and streamlines the process, allowing functional users to manage the application’s lifecycle and easily carry out PeopleSoft updates. Users can lift and shift existing environments, create new environments, complete a health check or apply maintenance. Here is a closer look at the top four features of the PeopleSoft Cloud Manager. 

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