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February 22, 2017
By SAP Experts

With the SAP Fiori Notifier App, SAP Fiori users receive an enhanced, role-specific and mobile experience through push notifications sent to their Apple iPhone, iPad or Android smartphones, alerting them of actions, approvals, etc. Users can track assigned business processes and transactions in real-time, wherever the are. The push notifications notify users of items that need their attention, streamlining the completion process and allowing users to monitor business activities. With the Notifier App, users can also view their open assignments via an Icon Badge. SAP Fiori Notifier App is an enhancement of the SAP Fiori Client Mobile App and allows organizations to receive push notifications for delivered SAP Fiori Apps as well as custom-built applications. 

February 15, 2017
By Frederic Portal, Ataway Director of Strategy & Alliance

New advances in technology continue to change how business operations are run and how organizations interact with their employees, managers and outside constituents. Today’s working environment is experiencing a paradigm shift through increased mobility and global reach, with more users accessing the information they need while on the go to conduct transactions. Business transactions, including financial transactions, are no longer limited to a stationary office setting. Now, with financial mobile applications through the Cloud, users are able to access and process the information they need wherever they are, at whatever time they would like. With Oracle ERP Cloud, users can utilize the Oracle Financials Cloud to complete transactions on the go. 

July 30, 2016
By Frederic Portal, Ataway Director of Strategy & Alliance

PeopleSoft’s Fluid Company Directory feature in HCM 9.2 provides both managers and employees with the tools they need to access employee information on the go. Users can access valuable information about employees, such as their reporting structures and personal information. Check out the three top reasons to consider deploying the Fluid Company Directory in your organization.

February 20, 2016
By Tina Travis, Ataway Global Director of Campus Solutions

With PeopleSoft Campus Solutions mobile application, students can access the information they need while on the go. Students can look up and enroll in classes, view class assignments and grades, monitor any holds on their account and look up a current account balance. The application provides a user-friendly mobile experience and increases self-service level, lowering institutions’ total cost of ownership. 

February 13, 2016
By Frederic Portal, Ataway Director of Strategy & Alliance

With the PeopleSoft HCM Mobile Paycheck application, your institution’s faculty and staff can access all the paycheck information they need from the palm of their hands. Faculty and staff can access paycheck information through a tile on the fluid Self Service homepage. Information on items such as deductions, taxes, overtime and sick leave, among others, are accessible, and all by individual paycheck or a year-to-date basis. You can consult our eBooks on PeopleSoft for higher education as well our eBooks for other industries.

June 13, 2014

Marc Weintraub recently interviewed David Bain about the new changes in technology for PeopleSoft regarding mobility and the new Fluid UI.

After the introduction, 3G PeopleSoft was among the first application vendors to release an application that was native: iReceipts. PeopleSoft was again the first to release an application on the ADF Framework: Mobile Inventory Management. Again, PeopleSoft was the first to build with the Mobile application framework, the mobile self-services Campus Solution.

Then, PeopleSoft delivered on 9.1 a series of mobile applications using PeopleSoft technology:

David Bain explained that the mobile products were built with the technology available at the time, but the PeopleSoft team wanted to include within PeopleTools an easy-to- use technology for organizations. Including this Fluid UI technology within the PeopleSoft toolset will shorten the lifecycle costs for customers. The customers will then be able to use the same skills to administer and deploy PeopleSoft for Mobile applications, thus reducing the complexity.

The new fluid UI will be delivered to customers in 9.2 through the PeopleSoft Update Manager (PUM). PUM will help customers uptake any features or enhancements without having to go through a major upgrade. The application, with the Fluid UI, will be responsive and optimized on the technology they are running on.  A series of applications will be delivered for HR (Manager Self-Service Homepage, My Team view and Analytics approval, etc.) and Finance (Travel Authorization, Employee Status Reporting, Supplier watch list, etc.).

May 5, 2014
By Frederic Portal, Ataway Director of Strategy and Alliance

The new PeopleSoft Fluid User Interface (UI) is coming to PeopleTools 8.54! Fluid UI enables the delivery of PeopleSoft applications in a modern, intuitive and personalizable way across multiple devices (i.e. tablets, smart phones and desktops). Regardless of operating system, the new Fluid UI is using the latest state-of-the-art technologies, such as HTML5 and CCS3, and incorporates them into the PeopleTools. Fluid UI will be able to detect what type of mobile device users are accessing the application from (i.e. tablet, mobile) and will leverage location, pictures and more!

This new UI will be responsive to a device’s form factor. This means that the application will be optimized to the device size and render the information in a dynamic manner.

During the Collaborate and Alliance roadshows earlier this year, the new Fluid UI was shown off by Paco Aubrejuan, Senior Vice President of Development for Oracle's PeopleSoft product line and Jeff Robbins, Oracle Senior Director, PeopleTools Strategy. Robbins was able to demonstrate several times how PeopleSoft is truly a state-of-the-art solution and that PeopleTools drives PeopleSoft innovation.

March 19, 2014

The third day of the Alliance 2014 conference kicked off with an inspirational keynote from Shawn Achor, a lecturer who is regarded as one of the world’s leading experts on the connection between happiness and success. Achor, who teaches for the Advanced Management Program at Wharton Business School and collaborates on research with Yale and Columbia University, delivered his keynote on “The Happiness Advantage.”

In 2012, Achor’s research on happiness made the cover of Harvard Business Review. His TED talk has become one of the most popular of all time, with over 3 million views.  “The Happiness Advantage,” his newest lecture, recently began airing on PBS stations nationwide.The gist of his lecture is this; most people believe that once they become successful, then they’ll be happy. But recent discoveries in the field of positive psychology and neuroscience have shown that this formula is actually backwards: Happiness fuels success, not the other way around. When we are positive, our brains become more engaged, creative, motivated, energetic, resilient, and productive at work. This isn’t just an empty mantra. This discovery has been repeatedly borne out by rigorous research in psychology and neuroscience, management studies, and the bottom lines of organizations around the globe.  In “The Happiness Advantage,” Achor, who spent over a decade living, researching, and lecturing at Harvard University, draws on his own research—including one of the largest studies of happinesspotential, both at Harvard and companies like UBS and KPMG—to fix this broken formula. Using stories and case studies from his work with thousands of Fortune 500 executives in 51 countries, Achor explains how we can reprogram our brains to become more positive in order to gain a competitive edge at work.

March 18, 2014

Ataway's Tina Travis presents at Alliance 2014.

Ataway was excited to attend many sessions last Monday at the Alliance Conference! On the second day of the event, Oracle made a big announcement  regarding major investments in higher education solutions, including a new Oracle Student Cloud, a new Higher Education functionality delivered in Oracle Human Capital Management (HCM) Cloud, and a new release for PeopleSoft Campus Solutions Suite. 

Oracle plans to provide a flexible deployment model for administrative systems customers in the Higher Education field. Oracle's offerings will enable institutions to run their student and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems on premise or to migrate to a cloud-based deployment when it makes sense for the institution.

March 9, 2014

Since Friday morning, around 150 customers have been in Vegas for the PAG/TAG summit, which started at 7:30 and wrapped up on Saturday afternoon. The PAG/TAG summit is an amazing opportunity for institutions to have better dialogue with Oracle Product representatives on the Oracle product lines. At Ataway, we highly recommend clients participate and represent their areas of expertise, working together with Oracle to build the roadmap of your future.

The Alliance Conference officially kicked off this Sunday with 19 Community Sessions -- informal sessions providing an opportunity to network with other individuals who have an interest in specific process areas, as well as getting an overview of the conference and sessions being presented in this track. As usual, the Community Sessions proved to be an incredibly useful way to meet with other users and product experts. It also had a good overview of what sessions to attend at the conference.

The Community Sessions were immediately followed by the Mix and Mingle at the MGM Grand Garden Arena concourse prior to the Opening Session. Mix and Mingle was a great opportunity to network, catch up with attendees and help Oracle customers with technical and business process questions.

The day concluded with the Opening Session and Reception in the Vendor Hall. Ataway had the pleasure to talk to a lot of institutions and respond to many questions on PeopleSoft 9.2 HCM, Finance, Campus Solutions, Fusion, BPM and SOA.

Don’t forget to join us tomorrow, Monday, March 10th, for our mini Session: Leveraging WorkCenters for Admissions & Recruitment (3:15 PM - 3:45 PM, Room 122). And be sure to check out our guide on the 17 sessions you won't want to miss at #Alliance2014!

For more about information about the Alliance 2014 conference, visit

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