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December 17, 2016
By Yuri, Ataway HR Manager

Ataway Japan recently held an outing event to express its gratitude to the families of the employees for their support this year. This year, the outing was held on October 15th and 16th in Shizuoka prefecture (Ito, Numazu, and Mishima) where the group was able to see Mt. Fuji (Japan’s tallest mountain) and cross Japan’s longest suspension bridge. The employees and families were able to relax in a traditional Japanese ryokan as well as enjoy the local foods and hot springs. 

December 17, 2016
By Frederic Portal, Ataway Director of Strategy & Alliance

Ataway recently hosted an employee Bootcamp in its Buenos Aires office in September, inviting Ataway employees from around the globe to attend an eight-day training and networking event. The Bootcamp is a global training initiative, including several sessions on Ataway methodology, tools, templates and communication across cultures, lead by experienced consultants. Each day of the Bootcamp focused on a different stage of the Ataway methodology, SurePath 2.0 (Plan, Design, Build, Test and Deploy). Not only did the Bootcamp provide employees with an opportunity to build their knowledge of Ataway’s proven project methodology (SurePath 2.0), but it also provided employees with an opportunity to build their internal networks at Ataway as well.

December 10, 2016
By Yuri, Ataway HR Manager

Communication plays a large part in our lives, both personally and professionally. When talking about communication, many think about talking, or ways they can more clearly get their point across in a conversation. However, talking and presenting viewpoints isn’t all that is involved in communication. Listening plays a large role in the communication process as well. Not only as a consultant, but as a human being, it is very important for us to learn how to listen before we learn how to speak. Listening involves taking in what the other person is saying and processing it before speaking. Here are ten tips you can implement to refine your active listening habits and improve your communication skills.

November 12, 2016
By Marcela Fernandez, Ataway HR Specialist

Meetings are an integral part of the working environment and are often necessary, designated times for coworkers to come together to make progress on a project, address a problem or work on a solution. While meeting structures and content will vary from organization to organization, there are some tips that all meeting organizers as well as meeting attendees can follow to accomplish a successful meeting. Here are seven habits that all meeting organizers as well as meeting attendees can put into practice to run a successful meeting.  

September 17, 2016
By Eliana Sanchez Sierra, Ataway HR Specialist

In this week’s HR Spotlight article, discover five principles to follow to achieve personal and professional success. By following these principles, or tips, employees can reach short and long term goals, growing in the workplace as well as outside of it. 

September 10, 2016
By Nathalia Rossi, HR Analyst

Many organizations use meetings to connect colleagues, move forward on a project, make a decision or inform the group about changes, among other reasons. When planning, executing or following up on a meeting, there are certain tips or best practices to follow to ensure that the meeting is a success. Here are seven tips to conduct a successful meeting, maximizing effectiveness and team productivity.

July 19, 2016
By Bibiana Mercuri, Ataway Director of Talent Management

The role of a manager and a leader are often interchanged within the workplace. However, there are many differences separating the two. While a manager checks off tasks and pushes people go with his or her plan, a leader seeks group feedback and participation. A leader acts as a sort of facilitator, making sure that every voice is heard and all ideas are considered. Here are ten key differences between a manager and leader. 

July 9, 2016
By Frederic Portal, Ataway Director of Strategy & Alliance

Company culture is a term that is often discussed, both by people who are currently employed with a company and by those seeking new employment opportunities. Company culture is everything that makes a company what it is, including how the employees interact with the business. Here are six key factors to look at when evaluating a company’s culture.

July 2, 2016
By Bibiana Mercuri, Ataway Director of Talent Management

Just like companies spend time and resources creating a memorable brand for their products, employees can spend time creating a personal brand for themselves. Employees’ personal brands define who they are within the workplace and how other people think about them. Here are five tips to create a professional and positive personal brand image within the workplace.

March 12, 2016
By Lindsey Rominger, Ataway Marketing Communications Analyst

This past week, author and technology industry and leadership thought leader Charlene Li presented the 2016 HEUG Alliance conference keynote. Through the course of the keynote, Li outlined three ways to become an effective leader—through listening, sharing and engaging. Charlene Li highlighted new digital channels as a way to interact with all stakeholders.  

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