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November 15, 2017
Raschel Levy, Ataway Mexico, Talent Assistant

Young professionals aspire to be successful, to take part in meaningful causes, and through college education, you can learn the solid academic background and latest trends in your field of study. However, formal education plans don’t always provide all of the tools needed to adjust and strive in a work environment. Here are four soft skills you won't necessarily learn in college that will help you to succeed in the real-life workforce.

October 11, 2017
Laura Garay Global Talent Analyst

Your workday is coming to an end, you're nowhere near finishing, rushing to complete the project that must be delivered first thing tomorrow morning. Sound familiar? Lacking planning and time management skills often lead to poor quality work and a cram session can take a toll on anyone. Meeting project deadlines without going crazy could be a challenge, but it’s not impossible. Here’s our top 5 tips to help you meet due dates 

August 21, 2017
Yuri N, Ataway
Chances are good that, at some point of time in your life, you've taken a time management class, read about it in books, and tried to use daily planner to organize, prioritize and schedule your day. Time management can be tough. What is urgent and what is important are often very different things. Is there anything we can do? If we all have 24 hours in a day, how do we actually use them more effectively? And most importantly, how can we manage our time to live healthier and happier, do the things that we know are important, and still handle the responsibilities that are urgent? In this article, I will share how to use your valuable time efficiently. If you are working in the busy work environment, it is very difficult to balance your work time and your private time. By being able to use your work time more efficiently, you will be able to spend more private time with your family and friends!
August 21, 2017
Marcela Fernandez, Talent Acquisition Specialist, Ataway Buenos Aires
Communication in the workplace has an impact on productivity and human relations. It’s no surprise that effective communication can lead the way to success, or be key to downfall. Whether it’s  a face to face, written, via text messages and voicemail with colleagues, superiors, clients, etc, virtually nobody can elude communicating in their workplace. However, it doesn’t always run so smoothly. Here’s a list of 5 critical components of effective communication that can help anyone improve their skills.
May 23, 2017
By Marcela Fernandez, Buenos Aires Talent Executive

Communication in the workplace is widely recognized to have an impact on work environment, employee satisfaction, and ultimately reaching results. But, how well do we really communicate? Most of us have experienced difficulties at some time or another.  However, some common roadblocks such as interference, choosing the right setting and time can be easily improved with these pointers. Have a look at the following tips anyone can implement to become a better communicator today!

April 11, 2017
By Laura Garay, Talent Analyst

Change is something that all of us eventually go through, both in our personal and work lives. It’s not uncommon to find that many people are “change-weary” when it comes to altering the way business is conducted. Organizations must be clear that the need for change stems from business goals, business strategies or even customer and/or employee satisfaction surveys. It is necessary to communicate the timeline of events and the order in which the changes will take place. Involving and engaging collaborators from all of the areas of the business, including formal and informal influencers within the organization, will help get people on board as they can act as evangelists of the vision. Change efforts can go to waste if not accompanied with proper training and performance assessment, coupled together with corrective action. Finally, recognizing and celebrating key milestone achievements during the project lifecycle will foster members’ cooperation. 

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