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April 5, 2014
By Anne-Marie Roy, Ataway Technical Consulting Manager

Where can Big Data Analytics be applied? Here are some key areas of immediate interest for Big Data Analytics:
• Data exploration from outside-in leading to unforeseen customer information patterns, trends (i.e. from social media chatters, government agencies data to rewards and warranty programs …)
• Security/fraud detection (i.e. monitoring cyber security, fraud via social media, emails, sensors, Telco …)
• Demographic insights into products and services
• Customer behavior and engagement
• Operations optimizations
• Gamification with the user’s historical behavior, analysis on rewards, retries, failures …

March 15, 2014
By Anne-Marie Roy, Ataway Technical Consulting Manager

Big Data and Big Data Analytics are often quoted as the “Game-Changer” as they are driving major changes, not only in business, but also in our everyday life. Here is how:


Big Data can no longer be ignored; it is definitely changing our world. We are facing a growing digitization of our society. Data streaming is pouring out everywhere, especially since the explosion and multi-tasking of mobile devices over the last decade. Indeed, it is now estimated that 91% of all the people on this earth have a mobile phone, and they are producing a growing mass of information driven by mobile data, social data and cloud computing that is exponential.

February 21, 2014
By Anne-Marie Roy, Ataway Technical Consulting Manager

This is the Second in our Series on Big Data.

Early adopters of Big Data are outperforming competitors. Although IT in essence, Big Data projects are done by your team of business experts at the corporate organizational level. Check this infographic from Bain & Company to see how your company can develop the skills and mindset to tackle Big Data.

December 19, 2013

Earlier last year, Oracle launched a series of events known as Oracle CloudWorld, which gives thought leaders from Oracle and other top organizations the opportunity to share insights on how best to leverage technologies to drive transformational change. The expanded series of Oracle CloudWorld events takes place in cities around the world, including Beijing, Bogota, Chicago, New Delhi, Paris, San Francisco, Melbourne and Moscow.

Mobile, social, and cloud are redefining how business gets done. Cloud Computing is providing immediate access to the latest technologies, enabling organizations to innovate and thrive. These were some key points that have been emphasized throughout the series of Oracle CloudWorld events.

“As cloud computing moves into the mainstream of business technologies and strategies, companies are keenly interested in learning how they can benefit from cloud,” said Oracle President Mark Hurd. “With engaging content and tracks developed for customers’ specific needs, the Oracle CloudWorld event series helps companies find the strategic insight and solutions they need to leverage cloud technologies to transform their businesses.”

Last week, Oracle CloudWorld made its way to São Paulo, and a few of our experts from the Ataway Brazil office were in attendance. 

December 13, 2013
By The Ataway News Team

This is the First in our Series on Big Data.

Earlier this week, Ataway announced the launch of our Big Data Analytics Services. But what exactly is Big Data? Is it just another a buzzword? Or is it going to make a significant impact on the world? To get a better understanding of Big Data, watch these two helpful introduction videos:

December 11, 2013

Ataway is proud to announce the launch of three new services designed to help businesses improve and accelerate their IT strategies. Ataway now offers Big Data Analytics, Mobility and Virtualization solutions for Oracle and non-Oracle applications.

Big Data, Mobility and Virtualization are among the top three IT trends enterprises need to consider and adopt, or else potentially risk losing ground against their competitors. These trends are part of the next IT revolution, which is being built on Mobile Computing, Social Networking, Cloud Services and Big Data Analytics technologies, and will profoundly transform data center technologies. Ataway is proud to be a solution accelerator for organizations adopting these IT strategies.

For more information about Ataway’s Big Data Analytics, Mobility and Virtualization Services please visit

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