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April 16, 2016
By Frederic Portal, Ataway Director of Strategy & Alliance

PeopleSoft Asset Tracking saves organizations valuable time and money by streamlining the physical inventory management process. Users are able to scan and edit asset information not only in real time, but also on the go through mobile devices and tablets. Users can search for assets or create new assets as well as force an asset location update for inventory items using the Scan by Location tile on the landing page.


May 23, 2014
By Frederic Portal, Ataway Director of Strategy & Alliance

Managing an organization’s assets effectively will help maximize cash flow and minimize expenses, which in turn will positively impact your bottom line. Previously, it was difficult, for asset intense organizations, to achieve as it required a system that was integrated with multiple applications (PO, AP, GL, and others).  With the PeopleSoft Asset Management 9.2 WorkCenter, your process and work will be drastically improved!

The WorkCenter streamlines your business processes by providing your Asset Clerks and Asset Accountants the ability to proactively monitor and control key assets using key alerts, Queries, links, reports processes and Dashboards. The WorkCenter provides a centralized workspace that helps increase visibility and control over the processes that are essential to an optimum management of fixed assets.

PeopleSoft Asset Management Dashboards present your work as a metric of Asset acquisition, cost, depreciation and retirements. You can leverage the new Pivot Grids functionality to add dashboards at really low efforts (you can read more in our previous blog post: Pivot Grids : Unleash the power within PeopleSoft!)

The My Work page shows you a list of links of pending transitions from other applications. My Work allows Asset Clerks and Asset Accountants to view and edit their most commonly-used components and be alerted to items that require their attention. The number close to the link indicates the number of transactions pending, helping the user focus on tasks to accomplish.

The Pending Transactions group level displays asset transactions with a processing status of pending by clicking on AP/PO Transactions the transaction area will refresh with a grid with the details of the transactions. The user will be able to select multiple transaction an action them.

The Exceptions group level includes Pre-Interface Lines in Error, Interface Lines in Error, Pending Depreciation Calculations, Depreciation Process Logs, Pending Depreciation Reports and Pending Accounting Entry Creations.

The My Links page’s purpose is to minimize the number of clicks to access critical components and pages. By clicking any of the links on the page, the transaction area will refresh with the destination page. You can add provide access to internal links and external links.

The Queries section of the Reports/Queries tab can include links to Query Manager, public queries, private queries and actionable operational analytics (such as grids and graphs). Click on any link in the Queries pagelet to display the query or analytics in the transaction area of the WorkCenter. As system administrator, you can add queries to this pagelet and determine if an end user can add public queries in Query Manager. The Queries group level includes PO/ AM Reconciliation, AP/AM Reconciliation, PC/AM Reconciliation, Incomplete Procurement Groups, Assets with Inactive Chartfields, Pending Depreciation Close, Lease Expiration, Fully Depreciated Assets based on the date entered and the asset’s End Depreciation Date.

Finally, the Reports/Processes pagelet provides access to system-defined reports and processes for which the user has appropriate permissions.

The PeopleSoft Asset Management 9.2 WorkCenter offers a complete solution to manage assets, simplifying the work of the Asset Clerks and Asset Accountants by improving their efficiency at least 55%. Implementing this WorkCenter will definitely have an impact on your bottom line and improve user satisfaction!

Watch a video from PeopleSoft below on how to configure WorkCenters:

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