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August 4, 2017
Selecting An Automated Time And Attendance Solution
Frederic Portal, Ataway Director of Alliance and Strategy

Most businesses, regardless of their size, are under pressure to effectively assign labor resources and control costs. However, they also need to balance workforce complexities, competitive pressures, and limited budgets and IT support. This leaves very little margin for error in identifying a solution. In this blog, we will share some step on how to do a great selection for an automated time and attendance solution.



Establishing a task force
Our recommendation is to establish a cross-functional task force, this will allows decision makers to share vital information and feel involved in the vendor selection process from the beginning. The members will promote internally understanding and cooperation from each department, which are vital when successfully changing over to automation or updating an outdated system.

Formulating a project plan
As early as possible, your task force should conduct a kickoff meeting and formulate a project plan. The written plan should include due dates and clear definitions of individual responsibilities.



The next step is As Is Analysis. Your task force will define your manual time and attendance process, identified problems, and opportunities, and will work to ensure the uniform enforcement of your payroll policies. The Team will also uncover some areas for cost savings.

In the As Is Analysis you will:
• Learn exactly how the system works now
• Pinpoint problem areas that automation can correct
• Identify opportunities for direct time- and cost-savings benefits

When you examine the processes, you’re looking for indications of:
• Redundant data entry • Inefficiencies
• Employee and/or manager dissatisfaction with the processes • Unacceptable error rates in payroll
• Rising administrative costs



The 3rd step is really to set your goals.

Corporate goals

• Decrease overall labor costs
• Shrink the gap between payroll policy and actual practice
• Comply with government regulations and/or union contracts
• Reduce administrative overhead by eliminating time spent on manual time card calculations
• Find a solution that can expand as the business grows
• Solve anticipated downstream challenges, such as absence management or scheduling

Technology goals
• Leverage the company’s existing IT investment
• Interface with payroll program (or service bureau) as well as other systems such as HR or ERP • Provide audit trails
• Produce timely and accurate management reports by employee, department, and pay-rate class for all pay periods
• Improve data security
• Easily install and maintain with current staff

Process goals
• Reduce time spent on overall process
• Eliminate redundant data entry
• Apply complex pay rules consistently and accurately across all functional departments
• Accurately record, collect, and report time and rates for standard and incentive pay-rate classes, shift differentials, and productive and nonproductive time
• Provide an effective means of distributing reports for departmental review and editing

Other goals
• Enable the organization to shift responsibility for managing labor costs from payroll to department managers
• Gain universal acceptance of the solution by making it easy for employees and managers to use

You will find all the steps, and Templates to select an automated time and attendance solution in a document a that Kronos wrote, you can get it here

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