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November 15, 2017
From School to Workplace: 4 Skills Every New hire Must Learn
Raschel Levy, Ataway Mexico, Talent Assistant

Young professionals aspire to be successful, to take part in meaningful causes, and through college education, you can learn the solid academic background and latest trends in your field of study. However, formal education plans don’t always provide all of the tools needed to adjust and strive in a work environment. Here are four soft skills you won't necessarily learn in college that will help you to succeed in the real-life workforce.

1. Communication skills:
Good communication skills will come in handy for every task of you perform at your job. Realizing when to communicate, when no to, and what’s the right channel in a given situation makes a huge difference. Establishing a connection with colleagues is important, learning about them, taking an interest in them as a person is good, but there is such a thing as TMI (too much information).  Sharing too much may make you come off as unprofessional, and hinder your reputation.

2 Networking:
One of the keys to successful networking is being approachable.  Reach out to colleagues from all areas and levels, let your team know when and where they can reach you if they need to. Building strong relationships with co-workers and superiors from other areas will give you opportunities to meet new people and learn about their experiences and best ways to work. At Ataway, you could be involved in local, international and global projects, which will allow you to meet people from all around the world.


3. Diplomacy:
Being able to get through difficult conversations without turning into an argument is an invaluable skill, yet not always taught in formal education. Developing this skill will allow you to speak you mind and or disagree without offending or creating friction.  Tools to foster diplomacy are seldom approached in colleges or schools, yet very important in the workplace, especially when working in multicultural environments.


4. Multitasking:
Now more than ever, we’re exposed to many stimuli at once from different sources.  Work environments are fast-paced, so we might need to tend to many things at once, without neglecting any one of them. Being able to differentiate between the urgent, the important and the irrelevant requires good judgment, and often times it’s a skill acquired through work experience.  Even an entry-level job that may seem irrelevant to add to your resumé such as serving at a fast food restaurant can teach you valuable lessons on multitasking and establishing priorities.


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