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April 27, 2017
SAP HANA SPS 07 : Change Management
Ataway SAP Experts

SAP HANA Extended Application Services (SAP HANA XS) provides applications and application developers with access to the SAP HANA database using a consumption model that is exposed via HTTP.

In addition to providing application-specific consumption models, SAP HANA XS also hosts system services that are part of the SAP HANA database, for example: search services and a built-in Web server that provides access to static content stored in the SAP HANA repository.

SAP HANA SPS 07 includes a new change management feature that enables developers to track changes to repository objects. Change Management provides the infrastructure for tracked development. When a system is configured to work with Change Management, the activation of a repository object prompts the developer to assign it to a container or Change. This allows a developer or a development team to work on a development object or artifact and release the change only when the object is ready to be transported to the test system.

This provides more precise control over which objects are transported from the development system. An object’s change must be released in order to be included in the export in which the delivery unit containing the object is transported. This enables the creation of a delivery unit (DU) that is composed of only released objects.

Thomas Jung, Chief Product Expert, Product Management SAP HANA - Products & Innovation HANA Platform Prod. Mgmt posted a great video to illustrate this new feature.


I will also recommend that you look at a blog from Nicholas Chang call HANA Change Management Strategies/Comparisons/Use cases, you will find great research on the SAP HANA change Management mechanism that he done.

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