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February 22, 2017
SAP Fiori Notifier App Enhances the Mobile Experience
By SAP Experts

SAP Fiori offers SAP users the modern and simplified user interface they need to maximize productivity and drive optimal performance. With SAP Fiori 190+ web applications, users can access the information they need while on the go, receiving real-time insight and access to mitigate bottlenecks, take immediate action and aid in organizational decision-making. 

With the SAP Fiori Notifier App, SAP users receive an enhanced, role-specific and mobile experience through push notifications sent to their Apple iPhone, iPad or Android smartphones, alerting them of actions, approvals, etc. Users can track assigned business processes and transactions in real-time, wherever the are. The push notifications notify users of items that need their attention, streamlining the completion process and allowing users to monitor business activities. With the Notifier App, users can also view their open assignments via an Icon Badge. 

In addition to the new and enhanced features the SAP Fiori Notifier App offers users, the App offers the SAP Fiori Launchpad features that users know and love, such as a modern UI and the ability to access fact sheets and data. The SAP Fiori Notifier Application is available on the Apple Store through iOS as well as through Google Play to download the Android version. (The  SAP Fiori Notifier App is also available through Enterprise Application Stores as well.)

SAP Fiori Notifier App is an enhancement of the SAP Fiori Client Mobile App and allows organizations to receive push notifications for delivered SAP Fiori Apps as well as custom-built applications.

**You must be a registered and using SAP Business Suite and SAP Fiori in order to utilize the power of the SAP Fiori Notifier Add-On.

How to Get Started with the SAP Fiori Notifier App
For those users who currently utilize any SAP Fiori Apps or the SAP Fiori Launchpad via a mobile device, adding the SAP Fiori push notification capabilities is easy and painless. All you need to do is add a SAP add-on. The entire install, configure and test phases will be completed within hours. SAP’s push notifications utilize the power of workflows to drive productivity. The last step would be to establish workflows that maximize your organization’s workforce.

For those organizations that do not already have SAP Fiori installed, you must complete the following steps.

First, you must have SAP Fiori installed. The next step is to secure and employ the SAP Fiori Notifier Add-On and install the mobile phone application through an App store. The last step is setting up a few simple configuration settings through the app, such as a username.

SAP Fiori Notifier App adds to the level of mobility SAP users now have to complete actions directly from their mobile device. Users can stay up-to-date with tasks and ensure that work is addressed and completed in a timely fashion.

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