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April 13, 2017
Revolutionize Your System with SAP HANA Finance
Ataway SAP Experts

With increasing pressures being placed on CFOs and managers to cut costs and increase revenue streams, leadership increasingly needs a modern, finance solution that results in greater productivity and enhanced organizational performance. SAP HANA offers an industry-leading finance solution for organizations around the globe that increases automation and process efficiency while increasing an organization’s overall return on investment. SAP HANA Finance provides CFOs and other key users with data in real-time to make informed decisions, lower the amount of risk and remain in compliance with local and statutory requirements. SAP HANA is an “in-memory” platform that allows organizations to compile extremely large amounts of data coming from many sources, providing a complete and integrated view of the organization as a whole.

With advanced analytics and reporting capabilities, users can rely on SAP HANA for financial computing and data compilation, with SAP HANA delivering data “up to 100,000 times faster” than without the SAP HANA solution. Users can drill down into the information and data to take a closer look and interactive dashboards and analytics.

SAP HANA also offers tools for budgeting and planning as well as provides a platform for financial forecasting with high levels of accuracy. Using SAP HANA Finance’s forecasting capabilities, organizations can not only respond to the current business landscape, but plan and account for the future landscape as well. Businesses running SAP HANA are more prepared for the future, with cost savings and compiled data to back each step. Users can see the flow of cash and where there is room for growth. With the SAP Business Planning and Consolidation application, users can access the financial information they need while on the go from a mobile device, staying connected and getting the real-time data in or out of the office. The SAP Cash Forecasting analytic application also assists in the forecasting process, allowing organizations to compile and view cash forecasts and how the funds will move within the organization. With the SAP Cash Forecasting analytic application, organizations can also complete tasks such as putting together a plan for “foreign-exchange hedging” or “ex post analysis.

In addition to providing analytics backed by real-time data and the ability to manage exceptions and remain in compliance, SAP HANA provides organizations with a more effective way to run key processes, such as a period-end close. Organizations running SAP HANA Finance are able to close their books significantly faster than other organizations that are not running an SAP solution. All in all, SAP HANA Finance increases level of self-service, allowing line of business users to find the information they are looking for easily and make decisions accordingly. This increase in self-service reduces costs for the organization and maximizes levels of productivity.

While SAP HANA Finance offers a number of great solutions to customers, there are a few things to note about SAP HANA Finance.

First, SAP HANA Finance is easy to get up and running without disrupting your current system. Organizations can set up SAP HANA platform on the Cloud and have it integrate with existing systems for maximum ROI. SAP HANA Finance offers users a number of great financial solutions, including running SAP HANA on-premise, in the Cloud or through a combination of the two in a Hybrid model. SAP HANA has a number of great financial modules to help organizations streamline operations. Finally, unlike the popular misconception, SAP HANA is a cost effective solution and will end up being much cheaper in the long run compared to other solutions. SAP HANA can significantly lower the number of errors and manual processes a financial organization must complete, making it an attractive option to many businesses.

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