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September 25, 2013
Oracle Open World Kicks Off in San Francisco; CEO Larry Ellison Keynotes

Oracle Open World 2013 is taking place this week in San Francisco. With over 60,000 attendees representing over 145 countries, this is without a doubt the largest and most important educational and networking event for the Oracle Community! This year our team of experts will provide you highlights from the event.

On Sunday, September 22, Larry Ellison, CEO of Oracle Corporation, announced the release of Oracle Database 12c In-Memory Database and M6 Big Memory Machine. Oracle In-Memory speeds up queries processing at speeds 100 times faster so that organizations can get instantaneous query results when querying OLTP databases or data warehouses, doubling your transaction processing rate. Oracle In-Memory increases performance and requires zero application changes and zero changes to SQL. With In-Memory, no functions will be restricted and everything that runs today will run without changes when the option is turned on. Oracle In-Memory does not require unloading and reloading of data, nor any data migration. All applications you purchase form Oracle or any application you develop will continue to work without any changes. Oracle Database 12c In-Memory database is also multi-tenant. In other words, yes, it is ready for the Cloud too!

Ellison also introduced the M6 33, or what he calls “The Big Memory Machine.” This machine has 32 terabytes of Dram Memory, with a new processor containing 32 SPARC M6 Chips. (This processor doubles the core of the M5 that it replaces). It moves at just 3 terabytes per second!

Finally, Ellison announced a new product: Oracle Database Backup Logging Recovery Appliance. It’s designed for databases that you can use in data centers or in the cloud. Earlier backup systems restored from backup to the date of the backup data, which resulted in organizations losing data. They also created an overhead and processed applications slowly. The new Oracle Database Backup Logging Recovery Appliance is designed to back up in real time and log/change deltas so that you can have fast restores at any point in time. It also minimizes the network load, backing up only the changes. With the new Oracle Database Backup Logging Recovery Appliance, thousands of databases, including Oracle, IBM, Intel, Fujitsu... all Oracle Databases can now be backed up safely and securely. This allows you to organize all your backups into an organized catalog, making it easier for you to do recoveries.

Learn more about all the exciting new Oracle products  from Ellison’s Keynote video:  Larry Ellison -- Oracle Open World Keynote 9-22-2013.

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