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September 26, 2013
Oracle Open World 2013: Days 2 & 3

On Sunday, Oracle CEO Larry Ellison kicked off the OpenWorld 2013 conference by announcing updates to the company’s combined hardware and software database systems. At Day One of the annual event, even more announcements were made!

Oracle released a database recovery appliance, one of the company’s hardware and software combinations that could help companies reduce costs by increasing business continuity.“Some companies spend as much as 1/3 of their IT budgets on things like database recovery and backup!” said Oracle President Marc Hurd at a press conference earlier this week. "We focus on bringing our customers performance gains, and that equals cost savings in infrastructure".

Oracle now allows organizations to backup data in incremental phases instead of larger, more expensive and time consuming backups. Now that Oracle has embraced the cloud, new software licenses and cloud software subscriptions account for about 20% of total revenue, according to Hurd.

As to the future of the large scale IT economy overall, Hurd said Oracle’s software license business grew 17% in Q1 2014, and that many competitors have negative numbers. "Almost all of our growth was organic," he said of the software revenues.

Big Data meeting Fast Data is Transforming Businesses

In comparison with last year, the big difference this time around is that engineered systems discussions are taking place in tandem with discussions about customer experience and the explosion in customer driven data. Hurd managed the integration of the business and technology discussions, bringing in the CEO of the NYSE Euronext as well as Douglas Fisher, the Vice President and GM of Intel's Software and Services Group.

The surprising statistic from NYSE was that their annual IT spending budget was down $200m, simultaneously delivering greater data speed and volume. Fisher brought onto the stage Sendur Kathir, executive director for IT and CIO of University of Melbourne.

With 50,000+ socially enabled students, the system creaks which were causing student frustration were publicized loud and clear. In the pre-social world, student discontent was generally ignored, whereas in 2012 and 2013, it started to have a brand impact. An Exadata and Exalogic engineered solution was used to provide a rapid implementation, stopping the student social revolt.

Learn more about all the exciting new Oracle products from Hurd’s Keynote video (link here).

Hardware and Software Engineered to Work Together, Simplifying and Enabling IT for a Cloud

Thomas Kurian, Oracle executive vice president of Product Development, made three major announcements about the Oracle Cloud: 

  • • Oracle Database as a Service
  • • Java as a Service
  • • Infrastructure as a Service

Kurian said that Oracle Database as a Service puts the world’s best database in the cloud, allowing your organization to support any database workload with a choice of managed services(including Single node, the database with Oracle Active Data Guard and Oracle Real Application Clusters).

Java as a Service gives users an environment that’s fully customizable for any Java applications. Oracle provides several levels of options and services.

Finally, Kurian announced Oracle Infrastructure as a Service, with two key components: Storage and Computing. Organizations can now run any workload in the Oracle Cloud, leveraging features like identity management, caching, messaging, and data and document sync. On the cloud, storage is high performance and instantly scalable, providing high availability. Computing is fully isolated and secured in the cloud. Users have full root access and nobody else can access your virtual machine environment.

On the Oracle cloud, organizations have the same amount of control and power as an on-premise data center, but with more flexibility and adaptability.

Kurian said the Oracle Cloud offers the most complete suite of integrated services, including services for applications, social, platform and infrastructure.. The Oracle Cloud is ready for social collaboration, analytics and big data.

Learn more about all the exciting new Oracle products from Kurian’s Keynote video below (link here). 

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