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June 28, 2017
Oracle Inventory Management Cloud Digitize your Inventory solution
Frederic Portal, Ataway Director of Alliance and Strategy

Effectively managing inventory balances, movement, and turnover impacts your bottom line, and a good inventory management strategy saves you time and money. Oracle Inventory Management Cloud propose a complete, materials management solution to help organizations to manage the flow of goods across your business organizations.

A cloud solution like Oracle provides an accurate, real-time inventory balance visibility, efficient warehouse organization, rapid material movement, improved efficiency and productivity, optimized transportation plans, and ultimately satisfied, returning customers.

Oracle Inventory Management Cloud is a suite of four products that includes Inventory Cloud, Cost Management Cloud, Financial Orchestration Cloud and Supply Chain Orchestration Cloud.

Key Business Benefits

• Increase global inventory visibility
• Reduce costs, inventory levels, and cycle times
• Reduce fulfillment cost of on-time fulfillment using partner capabilities
• Gain better insight into product costs and margins
• Manage with greater flexibility the trade between internal parties
• Optimize the flow of goods with configurable supply orchestration
• Improve warehouse efficiency and control cost with consistent fulfillment processes
• Empower employees with easy-to-use visuals, notifications, social networking, and self-service features


Oracle Inventory Cloud help to efficiently manage the flow of goods: inbound, within the warehouse, and outbound. 
Oracle Cost Management Cloud support better cost capture, tracking, and analysis;
Oracle Supply Chain Orchestration Cloud manage complex supply and fulfillment scenarios; and Oracle Supply Chain Financial Orchestration to automate financial flow execution for internal trade independent of physical material movement.

Oracle inventory management cloud will help you manage your inventory from receipt through the point of consumption in stock rooms, warehouses, manufacturing plants and across your organization using modern user interfaces, key performance indicators (KPIs), and analytical reporting, and create your own KPIs and reports using the Oracle framework. Use social networking tools and notifications to collaborate with other areas of your business, to keep your employees informed, and to notify them of required actions.



The solution provides a quick and easy way to view tasks requiring immediate attention and quickly view or initiate materials management activities within and across your facilities.

The solution provides you a view of balances, easily monitor and manage different material statuses, track lots and serial numbers, and manage proper stocking and handling of different types of materials. With one click through the KPI infolet, initiate stock issues, receipts, counts, and transfers of material within and across facilities.

Reduce your overall inventory cost by consigning inventory from your suppliers and only pay for the inventory you use. The added complexity and overhead of managing ownership and payment in your procure-to-pay process is easily managed with Oracle Inventory Management Cloud.

Whether you are fulfilling orders to customers from Oracle Order Management Cloud or for internal material requests within your organization, Oracle Inventory Management Cloud provides tools to intuitively and effectively manage your fulfillment operations. Improve your operations when reserving stock, flexible releasing requests to the stockroom or warehouse, or when picking based upon configurable rules designed to optimize the flow of materials to staging, packing and shipping orders.


Interested in learning more about how you can take advantage of Oracle Inventory Management Cloud, or are you looking for some help on defining your cloud strategy to support your digital transformation? The Ataway cloud team is here to help you and make your digital transformation a success. Consider talking to one of our local Ataway offices. Ataway has worked on several Cloud activations and can help you. Consult with Ataway’s team of experts today to learn more or send us an email: . 



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