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August 23, 2017
Oracle Financial cloud 13: Global
Frederic Portal, Ataway Director of Alliance and Strategy

Following our blog on Oracle Financial cloud, Oracle Could Financial 13: Highlights, we wanted to highlight few more thing on the global features and especially the new functionality that supports Oracle Cloud Financial in Brazil and Argentina. In that release, Oracle developed new functionality for Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Colombia Japan, Korea.

You can watch the video on Oracle Financial cloud 13 by Terrance Wampler, Vice President, Financials Applications Strategy at Oracle:




Oracle Financials Cloud provides features that integrate with your procure-to-pay and credit-to-cash business flows to support regional and country-specific statutory and business requirements.


Oracle cloud finance now comply with document numbering requirements enforced by the fiscal authorities in Argentina by using predefined rules and transaction information to automatically assign document numbers to sales transactions.

Organizations can now calculate withholding taxes for their payments in Argentina using enhanced options to:

· Manage and apply tax thresholds.
· Apply a tax rate schedule based on an item or service classification.
· Calculate taxes based on two or more provinces on a single invoice line if a supplier is subject to a multilateral agreement in those provinces.
· Determine the tax basis on full invoice amounts upon the first partial payment of an invoice.

Organizations can now configure and generate statutory and business transaction tax reports required for compliance with fiscal and tax authorities in Argentina.



Oracle Financial cloud now comply with accounting and reporting requirements specified under the Public Digital Bookkeeping System (SPED) in Brazil. Configure both accounting and user-defined report layouts. Ensure that output is generated with the correct content and in the required digitalized format to create reportable files.

Transmit monthly and annual reports to SPED through the Validation and Signature Program and post them on the Federal Revenue Services site.

Order-to-cash enhancements for Brazil ensure compliance with local business practices and government regulations for your order-to-cash transactions.



Sales Invoicing And Customer Receipts Enhancements
The solution now complies with common, accepted business practices in Brazil by automatically generating and transmitting collection documents electronically to banks for collecting payments due from customers.

Improve efficiency by automatically processing receipt files from banks for the associated collection documents. Automatically include taxes and short payments on collection documents submitted for receivables. Use city-specific calendars to identify local holidays and ensure due dates are accurately assigned, and late payment interest is correctly calculated and included in collection documents for bank transfers.

Fiscal Document Generation And Management
Comply with federal and local fiscal authority legal requirements for fiscal document generation, transmission, and approval of sales, return shipments to vendors, and internal transfers of goods or assets between legal entities incorporated in Brazil. Fiscal document generation features allow you to capture required information when you create invoices for transactions and then accurately and automatically generate document numbers and extract correctly formatted information for submission to partners to obtain tax authority approval of fiscal documents. Generate the required fiscal document for shipments due to internal material transfers and returns to vendors. Streamline processing when changes occur, and control updates during transaction processing for easy import approvals of supplier changes


Procure-to-pay enhancements for Brazil provide the ability to manage your procure-to-pay transactions and comply with local business practices and government regulations. Use the following new features to manage your procurement activities and pay suppliers.

Transaction Tax Processing Support For Inbound Fiscal Document Capture
Fiscal Document Capture (FDC) is a new product that supports the processing of fiscal documents received from suppliers for purchases made by companies operating in Brazil. Use the integration between Fiscal Document Capture and Tax to capture, calculate, verify and process taxes associated with inbound fiscal documents received from your suppliers. Use Fiscal Document Capture to manage transactions with suppliers. The fiscal document is pre-authorized by tax authorities before it is sent to a customer with the purchased goods, and remains the source of truth for all legal reporting purposes. As a receiving party, use Fiscal Document Capture to record and validate the transaction details, create corresponding receipts when required, and register liability against the supplier through the Payables invoice.


Process And Manage Supplier Payments
Manage collection documents received from a supplier and associated with an invoice or payment schedule in order to pay invoices or installments. If any invoices are paid late, interest is calculated and added to the invoice amount according to the agreed terms between the seller and the buyer and in compliance with the locally legislated business calendar. Use the following features to record a manual collection document or import an electronic collection document and associate the collection document with one or more invoices or installments:

Enter or import collection documents and automatically or manually assign collection documents to invoices or installment schedules.
Automatically place holds on invoices or installments without an assigned collection document and automatically release holds after assignment.
Calculate and pay interest for late payments based upon predefined rules with suppliers that govern penalties, grace periods and interest calculation methods. Use local business calendars to determine the number of days in interest calculations.
Process payments by banks using electronic files and use the Manual Bank Return and Import Bank Return process to identify and process rejected payments, corrections and maintain invoice associations.

Taxpayer Id And Tax Registration Validation For Brazil
Configure and apply validation rules for verifying taxpayer identification numbers and tax registrations in Brazil, for accurate tax calculations and reporting compliance. Ensure that taxpayer identification numbers and tax registration numbers comply with standard formats, structures, and setup rules to avoid duplication.

Transaction Tax For Brazil
 Improve efficiency and automatically handle transaction taxes, including tax exceptions enforced by the federal, state, and local tax authorities in Brazil. Transaction tax features for Brazil calculate taxes on sales invoices and documents using a configurable, rules-based solution.

Withholding Tax For Brazil
Improve efficiency and automatically handle withholding taxes, including tax exceptions enforced by the federal, state, and local tax authorities in Brazil. Withholding taxes are calculated using a configurable, rules-based solution.


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