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May 19, 2017
The new Workforce Ready Talent Acquisition solution by Kronos
Frederic Portal, Ataway Director of Alliance and Strategy

The recruiting landscape has fundamentally shifted over the past several years. Across industries the labor market has become more candidate-driven, creating greater competition among employers to attract and retain top talent. Filling open positions in a candidate-driven market takes longer and costs more, putting increased pressure on recruiters and hiring managers to find qualified candidates without compromising time-to-hire and cost-to-hire goals. Given these challenges, it’s no wonder organizations are optimizing their recruiting and hiring practices to drive better results.

To respond to the new market needs Kronos launch a new product call Kronos Workforce Ready® Talent Acquisition. This new product helps your organization source, track, and evaluate quality talent so you can build an engaged, high-performing workforce more efficiently and cost effectively. This solution automates and streamlines recruiting and hiring processes to support a paperless human capital management (HCM) environment. It provides a positive applicant experience that makes it easy for candidates to fill out information, search for jobs, and apply online. The solution is part of the single, unified Workforce Ready HCM platform so the applicant information flows seamlessly into the employee record upon hire for reduced administrative effort and a single source of truth.


Here are some of the key benefit of having an integrated Talent Acquisition solutions:

to eliminate paper, streamline administration, and drive efficiency

with automated approval workflows and gain at-a-glance visibility into applicant status

by posting job listings to your career website and 8,000+ free job boards and by leveraging premium job board integration

by asking pre-screening questions in online applications and leveraging data about your existing workforce to make better hiring decisions

that reinforces your employer brand while making it easy to search for jobs, upload resumes, and apply online

by sending automated notifications and configurable email communications to applicants

Kronos Workforce Ready® Talent Acquisition will also:

Simplify job requisitions and candidate sourcing
Deliver a positive online applicant experience
Mobile-optimize the candidate experience (will be delivered soon)
Track applicant status to optimize hiring results
Seamlessly integrate with Workforce Ready HR
Support making better hiring decisions with smart, efficient tools


A single, unified HCM solution enables your organization to leverage data about your current workforce to improve hiring results. For example, a recruiting heat map can provide insights into employee turnover, helping hiring managers and recruiters make more strategic decisions about best-fit candidates.


Configurable dashboards provide visibility and access to recruiting and hiring information — sourcing strategies, applicant pools, job requisitions, active candidates, and more all from a single screen.

Interested in learning more about how you can deploy Kronos Workforce Ready® Talent Acquisition t? Ataway can help you to uptake this Kronos application. Ataway is here to help you make the most of your application and processes. Consider talking to one of our local Ataway offices. Consult with Ataway’s team of experts today to learn more or send us an email:



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