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August 9, 2017
New Functionalities in Oracle Global Human Resources Cloud release 13!
Frederic Portal, Ataway Director of Alliance and Strategy

In April this year Oracle Global Human Resources Cloud 13 was released! Did you have a chance to look at the new functionalities delivered? In this blog, we will cover some of them. Oracle HCM Cloud offers much more than basic HR functionality, it is a cloud application with an attractive user interface and social, mobile and reporting capabilities.

Ability To Cancel Work Relationship Of Pending Workers
The ability to cancel the work relationship of employees and contingent workers is extended to pending workers. You can now cancel the work relationship of a pending worker who is scheduled to start on a particular day and does not report for work or has accepted a better job offer.

Pending Worker Work Relationships For Persons Existing In Oracle Fusion HCM
Manage workers’ lifecycles by adding pending worker work relationships for people who already exist in HCM. You can add this work relationship if the person does not have an active work relationship with the same legal employer.

HCM Position Hierarchy
Enhance the user experience with the new HCM position hierarchy that provides easy integration of positions and their relationship in the hierarchy. You can now use the Parent Position field in the Manage Positions page to define which position is one level up in the hierarchy. The HCM position hierarchy is built based on the position and the parent position relationship. When you add or change the parent position the incremental flattening process is automatically triggered. The Position Hierarchy business object is also added to load the position relationships. You must run the Flatten HCM Position Hierarchy process if you use the service to initially load the position hierarchy or the position changes using the HCM Data Loader.


HCM and Payroll Oracle Cloud Global
In Oracle cloud HCM 13 a lot was also done to support:

More functionality in the global:
Payroll interface for France (Person data, contract information, disability information, termination data, social insurance, hardship factors, pension and welfare).
Human capital management for Germany with more functionality for calculation card, disability report.
Human capital management for Kuwait (Report 103, check template for third party payments)
Human capital management for the Netherlands (Digital absence reports)
Human capital management for Saudi Arabia (Enhancement for allowances, payroll cycle flow enhancement)
Human capital management for the United Arab Emirates (wage protection system: request for refund, adrpbf reports, additional element template functionality for allowances, payroll cycle flow enhancement)

Workforce Predictions
Oracle Fusion Workforce Predictions is an integral part of Oracle’s Human Capital Management (HCM) and Business Intelligence solutions. Workforce Predictions provides forward-looking insight into your workforce trends and enables you to take action early, aligning human capital plans with organizational business objectives. With Predictions, you can leverage relevant and context sensitive metrics to perform what-if modeling.

Support For Human Resource Specialists
Enhance the Human Resource Specialist role by automatically enabling access to Workforce Predictions. The HR Specialist can then better manage the workforce by predicting voluntary terminations and Performance.


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