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April 23, 2018
A Look Inside Ataway Bootcamp 2018


Congratulations to all participants of the Ataway Bootcamp 2018!


From left to right, from behind to front:

AMADOR Rafael, LIRA Bruno, TOMARU Yamato, DAVEL Santiago, CATEN Jourdan, CARNERO Gonzalo, BUACAR Augusto,

INOUE Shiori, SAKURADA Tamami, MONKAM Pauline, MERCURI Bibiana, PONTEVEDRA Ignacio, FRANCA Daniela, POUSO Agustina.


This edition of our Bootcamp was carried out in São Paulo from March 19 through March 28, involving 11 participants from Mexico, Paris, Tokyo, Buenos Aires and São Paulo offices in attendance.

AMADOR Rafael, Mexico

LIRA Bruno, São Paulo

TOMARU Yamato, Tokyo

DAVEL Santiago, Buenos Aires

CATEN Jourdan, São Paulo

CARNERO Gonzalo, Buenos Aires

BUACAR Augusto, Buenos Aires

INOUE Shiori, Tokyo

SAKURADA Tamami, Tokyo

MONKAM Pauline, Paris

PONTEVEDRA Ignacio, Buenos Aires

This global initiative has proven itself valuable in efforts to foster networking while transmitting and strengthening our company culture. These sessions were bound to improve consultancy skills, soft skills, and communication, all the while sharing Ataway’s common processes, tools and official channels.

During our intensive sessions, the consultants worked with diligence and embraced new concepts while gaining insight into their own professional experiences. These sessions helped attendees get a deeper sense of Ataway as a global company, our methodology, and most importantly, an opportunity to grow their networks.

These sessions addressed cultural and professional differences of Ataway’s clients and partners and examined a case study across all phases of the project lifecycle. All participants gained new insight in regards to communication styles, presentation, writing, effective listening and the value of giving and receiving feedback.

Our incredible facilitator’s team includes Agustina Pouso from our Buenos Aires office, Bibiana Mercuri from our Global Team, and Daniela França and Nazir Chair from our local office.

This event was an all-around success and established an excellent base for those to come!


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