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July 3, 2018
IMAGINE 2018 Automation Conference Packs the House

May 30, 2018 – The crowd gathers for the IMAGINE conference opening.

Registration for the IMAGINE automation conference reached capacity long before the 30th of May kickoff date for the event this year.

During the two-day event, IMAGINE New York 2018 hosted 1500 total participants. The crowd included organizations looking for Robotic Process Automation (RPA) solutions as well as enterprise executives and customers sharing real RPA experiences.

Covering the year’s hottest topic and welcoming industry leaders as keynote speakers, the IMAGINE conference successfully captivated attendees and offered a peek at how automation is changing the world of business.

Enterprise-Grade RPA

Automation Anywhere, industry leaders in RPA development and implementation, were the conference hosts.

Attendees were treated to speakers from Genpact, GE, Forrester, and financial institutions like KeyBank and Bancolombia.

It’s easy to see why the banking industry is excited about automation.

Enterprises who fully implement RPA technology are referred to in industry studies as “Pinnacle Enterprises”. In one study of over 50 such companies, the analyst firm Everest Group recorded Pinnacle Enterprises seeing 4 times the average ROI for implementation.

Financial institutions want results like that to spread.

Digital Workforce

Ataway Consulting is an exclusive partner of Automation Anywhere for incorporating RPA solutions into back-office processes. Bots are the “digital workforce” of the future and Ataway is the technology consulting firm in charge of deployment for enterprise clients around the globe.

Ataway and Automation Anywhere have a strong partnership developed over the years and based on best practices for implementing bots with world-class ERP, CRM, HCM, and Supply Chain systems. Together, these companies are working to increase the digital workforce and improve deployment methods to make corporations more efficient than ever.

Next Generation Product Vision

Conference-goers were joined by Damian Jankowski, Chief Operating Officer for Ataway.

Jankowski was on hand to present an IQ Bots breakout session and provide industry expertise. Attendees of his interactive session actually built their first bot and were able to understand the high level of productivity that Automation Anywhere provides when developing new bots.

During his presentation, Jankowski covered how candidacy for bot implementation is evaluated, some process examples, and gave a broad vision about which industries are the best candidates for Task Bots and IQ Bots.

After covering concept and scope, he unveiled the IMAGINE New York bot store with exclusive offers from the partnership that made the conference possible.

Jankowski said, “It’s great to see so many corporations exploring the possibilities of IQ bots and taking advantage of what the newest automation technology has to offer.  I can’t wait to see how far we’ve progressed in our strategies by next year’s IMAGINE New York conference.”

“We are excited to take our process automation expertise to the market through cognitive bots in the Bot Store,” he added. “Our clients in Latin America and the US will now be able to accelerate automation in areas like invoice processing and suppliers’ management with IQ Bot.”

With promising ROI, increased resource capacity, and bot transaction success on the books, there seems to be no reason to make these changes slowly.

IMAGINE New York was a two-day experience for customers, partners—and bots—to share a vision that frames the future of how business and technology intersect.

Thanks to visionaries like Ataway and host Automation Anywhere, the business world got a peek at how far this knowledge has already come. More event recaps are available on Twitter at #ImagineNewYork18.

To learn more about the emerging digital workforce or to attend IMAGINE 2019, contact Ataway.

Image: Ataway

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